Getting Gorgeous

So you want to be gorgeous.  Yes, you know that you are beautiful in your way (‘coz God makes no mistakes’, to quote Lady Gaga), but you want to enhance what you’ve been given and turn yourself into a certified knockout.  The kind of knockout that rivals showbiz stars and commercial models, makes ex boyfriends bite their tongues in regret, and sends frenemies into a jealous rage.  Well, if you are prepared to invest in your looks, be aware that it takes quite a bit of effort and costs a bundle as well.  Here’s a list of the first things you can do to look your best everyday:

  1. Get hair help.  The most dramatic way to overhaul your look is to do something about your hair.  Analyze your face shape and determine the best cut that can frame it, whether it be a nice bob like Jennifer Aniston’s, sleek layers or a tumble of waves.  See if you would look good with a sideswept fringe or some long bangs (avoid the thick, straight fringe please unless you have the bone structure of Iman).  Go to the best hairstylist you can afford and get those scissors snipping.  Aside from the cut, another important thing to consider is your haircolor.  It does wonders to enhance one’s skintone and flatter your features.  Some girls look good with a mahogany/reddish undertone, some look good with a golden brown base, and some can carry jet black.  Highlights can add to the drama as well.  Consult an expert and see the amazing difference.  Retouches for cut and color should be done every three months.
  2. Fix your eyebrows.  Yes, good eyebrows can completely transform your face for the better and can even lop off years from the way you look.  Make sure you do not overpluck your brows, in fact instead of tending to them yourself, make a quick trip to the salon and get a threading session instead every couple of weels.  It’s so cheap and practically painless and it makes quite a big improvement.  For those who have gaps on the eyebrows and don’t know how to draw them on properly (too dark makes you look 10 years older and too light doesn’t help either), perhaps you may want to consider getting an eyebrow tattoo.  And no it is not going to look like those dreadful ones your granny used to have.  Technology has improved and the tattoo artists can now use brown colored ink that matches your own hair instead of the purplish black ones.
  3. Go for lush lashes.  Who knew that those little hairs that shield your eyelids from dirt and dust can make anyone look so pretty?  Getting thicker, more dramatic lashes has just been made easy with the advent of lash salons and weave services.  Instead of putting on totally fake looking falsies, get regular lash extensions instead to make your lashes longer, thicker and more upturned.  You will never look better!  Usually these extensions can last up to a couple of months if you’re careful not to rub them or get them wet.
  4. Wear contacts.  Ditch the nerdy glasses and opt for colored contacts instead!  And no, I am not encouraging you to suddenly sport light blue or gray or emerald green eyes, that will make you look like a bewildered cat.  Get a hazel brown shade instead, something subtle that will make you look prettier in a not so obvious, in-your-face kind of way.  There are contacts that last for about 3 months
    (daily use) and some from 6 months to a year so take your pick.  Just make sure you clean them very well before and after use, keep a small bottle of solution with you at all times in case they get dry and don’t ever fall asleep while wearing them.
  5. Tighten up.  If you’ve noticed that your cheeks are starting to sag and you seem to have lost that ‘glow’, try going for an RF session at an aesthetic clinic (I recommend the CRB center at SM Northwing).  It’s sort of like a non-invasive facelift, making your face tighter and more radiant.  Results are visible after just one session and can last up to 6 months or so.  More senior ladies can go for a Thermage procedure instead.  If your problem is more of the dark spots, spider veins and all, maybe an IPL session would be better for you.  Of course, don’t forget to get medical facials every couple of weeks for a clean face, a diamond peel once a month to exfoliate those dead skin cells and iontophoresis to close up your pores.
  6. Flash your pearly whites.  I am totally OC about teeth.  I just cannot stand bad teeth, most especially the yellowed and stained ones from too much smoking, red wine and whatever else.  The horror!  Use a strong whitening toothpaste and whitening strips like Crest Advanced to improve your smile, and if that doesn’t give you the desired result, consult your dentist for a professional whitening treatment instead.  Extreme cases call for veneers, they are pricey but well worth it for a megawatt smile that lasts forever.  And yes, good teeth can take off at least 10-15 years from your appearance and make you look a hundred times better (Google Catherine Zeta Jones, Tom Cruise and Cheryl Cole’s teeth makeovers if you want to see what I mean).
  7. Go hairless.  Shaving causes darkening and waxing can be quite inconvenient, so the best alternative is really to go for laser hair removal.  You’ll never have to spend on razors, shaving creams, waxing, depilatories and the like again, plus getting lasered leaves your skin visibly whiter and smoother than before.  Even better, you’ll never have to worry about wearing sleeveless blouses, short skirts or bikinis.  Some ladies require at least 10 sessions to go completely bare, and some need as little as 5.  Check out the different packages available and enjoy a whole new fuzz-free world!
  8. Detox.  I was just reading up on the juice detox and am determined to get on it when I muster enough courage.  I have no doubt though that it does wonders to jumpstart your system, rid you of toxins and allow for better absorption of vitamins and minerals, resulting in shinier hair, smoother skin, better energy and a generally good mood.  If you’re curious to try it, check out Juju Cleanse online (they deliver the juices anywhere in Metro Manila but you can arrange to have it shipped airport to airport to get here), or sign up for a special 2-day detox program right here in Cebu (call Pia at 09176260203 for more details). 
  9. Pay attention to your body.  Weekly massages help improve circulation and are known to be therapeutic as well—it certainly helps get rid of the common cold and body malaise.  Body scrubs are good too to slough off dry skin and leave you glowing, and if you put on body butter after your nightly bath right before sleeping, it also helps keep you supple.  For your hands and feet, try petroleum jelly or a very rich moisturizing lotion and sleep with gloves and socks to retain the softness.
  10. Walk tall.  You may not actually be tall but you can certainly look it.  Keep your posture in check and stand with a straight back and your chin up.  But don’t overdo it—you want to look regal and poised, not snooty.  Envision your body like a hanger and project yourself better at all times, whether you’re standing, seated or in motion.  If you act and move like a pretty, confident girl, you will actually become one.

Now all these tips really can transform your appearance but never forget that it is still what’s inside that counts the most.  Make your smiles genuine and your goodness innate, avoid stress and sourgraping, and adopt an attitude of gratitude for all your blessings and you will positively radiate.  No ‘procedure’ can top that.  Cheers and do the pretty girl rock!


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