Life As Betty Boop

I knew I was Kikay because my favorite cartoon character has always been (drumroll please…) Betty Boop. 

First appearing in the 1930s, Betty Boop is the ultimate bombshell, the first animated femme fatale.  She’s curvy, purrs like a kitten, speaks in whispers, and would probably wear frou frou marabou slippers around the house.  When she’s upset, she makes a pretty little pout—but generally she’s sweet as sugar and has a joie de vivre that infects everyone around her.  So it came as a wonderful treat that my mom’s friend, Tita Marvy Pineda, sent me a bunch of books at the office one day which included “How to be a Betty:  The Ultimate Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Boop”.  Very cute read, and although not everyone can become a Marilyn Monroe-like bombshell, the book has tips every lady should live by to make life a little bit better and a lot more colorful.  Here are a few:

  1. Sleep well.  Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary that allows you the best rest possible.  Invest in luscious goose down pillows for fluffy dreams and a lightweight down comforter.  It would also be a nice touch to play natural sounds while you’re drifting off to sleep—like trickling water, the crashing of the waves, or forest crickets.  Spray a linen fragrance on your sheets, something relaxing like lavender or vanilla.  And don’t forget the importance of keeping a tidy room!  You can’t sleep soundly when there’s a pile of junk and clothes at the foot of your bed!
  2. Beautiful Bath.  Bathtime can be a daily rejuvenating experience!  Lounging in the tub with jazz music in the background, a glass of chilled champagne and the scent of exotic florals is the best.  If you don’t have tub, just shower with a bath lily and a yummy moisturizing body wash, slather on a matching scented lotion after you’re done and pamper your face with great skincare products.  Also, don’t rush—try to get up earlier to be more relaxed in the morning, it will definitely set the mood for a pleasant day ahead.
  3. Mind your makeup.  I never could understand how women are successfully able to put on their makeup inside a moving vehicle.  Not only is it dangerous (if you poke your eye with a mascara wand or eyebrow pencil, for instance), the aesthetic results are likely to be catastrophic too.  When you put on makeup, do it properly at a well-lit area (with daylight, or if it’s nighttime in front of a mirror surrounded by lightbulbs).  Play upbeat, happy music and play up your best facial features. Don’t overdo the makeup, thick is never sexy…just focus on emphasizing your eyes via curled lashes and mascara, a healthy looking blush, and a tinted gloss for the lips.  Yes red lips look good in photos, but honestly a glossed-up natural looking color is so much more appealing.
  4. Swinging socials.  Keep your social calendar bursting at the seams!  Be happy, busy, and full of life.  A real Betty Boop is always on the go, keeping an active mind and an active lifestyle.  Dance at parties, walk your dog on Sunday afternoons, run errands cheerfully during the week, and go have lunch out with friends.  Life is short, let’s have a blast!
  5. Fab Food.  Yes, food is our friend.  And although a Betty would never deprive herself and indulges in a sweet treat every now and then, she also knows that eating healthy is a must to stay in shape.  Take oatmeal and fruits for breakfast, big salads with grilled chicken or fish for lunch, and a dinner of meat, poultry or fish with brown rice, for example.  Enough with the chemically processed food and the junk.  If you eat better, you’ll live better.
  6. Perfect Posture.  Yes, posture makes a huge difference in how people see you so stand tall and sit up straight!  The world is your audience.  And smile a lot, it makes you ten times younger and ten times more beautiful. 
  7. Be a people person.  You don’t have to be that outgoing to give a little honest attention to people around you.  Always be courteous and kind, treat your colleagues with respect, be a sincere friend.   You should be the first to celebrate birthdays for the people you love, the first to put together a bridal or baby shower for your best friend, be present at weddings, baptisms and kiddie parties. 
  8. Embrace your status.  If you’re single, you’re loving it!  It is a time to understand who you are and what you need, a time to build your confidence and independence, to travel and explore the world, to make new friends and open your mind.  You’re not afraid to be alone because life rocks!  If you’re married, you’re the picture of domestic bliss.  You keep regular date nights with hubby, have a smooth relationship with the in-laws, and don’t smother your children with your own dreams.  You’re cool and in control, and you make an effort to create magic all over again.  At home, you try to be a good host to guests or relatives visiting for dinner, and you manage to keep a little bit of ‘me’ time for yourself after all the work is done.

Sound unrealistic to you?  Well you’d be surprised, little things can definitely sweeten our days…and there’s no harm in trying.  May we all discover our inner Betty Boop and waltz our way through life.  Cheers, girls!


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