The Detox Weekend

I am a changed woman.  Yes, for once I can honestly say that.  The ‘old’ Mia, who would skip breakfast, order fastfood delivery for lunch, loved all things fried and thought Krispy Kremes deserved to be called a separate food group no longer exists.  And I owe it all to a detox program called H.A.S.H. (Holistic Approach to Self-Healing) that I joined over the weekend at Harold’s Hotel, which was organized by a lifestyle clinic called Global Vital Source, in cooperation with Pages Holdings here in Cebu.

It’s always been a goal of mine to be healthier.  Whenever I write my New Year’s Resolutions, ‘eat more greens’, ‘get more sleep’ and ‘avoid junk food’ was always somewhere on the list.  But, given the frenetic pace of my lifestyle, with all the corporate meetings/lunches out and the birthday celebrations, various social gatherings plus frequent late nights and occasional travels here and there, such valiant resolutions fly out the window at the sight of a plateful of French fries or a serving of chocolate mousse.  In fact I can’t remember the last time I so much as touched a vegetable or slept earlier than midnight! 

Anyway, my niece with the beautiful eyes, Pia Mercado, mentioned that she joined this detox program some months back, resulting in losing something like 18 pounds over the course of two weeks and an overall feeling of wellness.  At the height of my toxicity and feeling more desperate than ever, I promised to join the next one.  Oh yes, my friends were quite skeptical (as they all know I am the antithesis of a health buff), and there were a couple of beach sojourns I was tempted to ditch the detox for, but I figured I owed myself a break.  It was time for a change.

So there I was, bright and early on a Saturday morning, ready to be cleansed.  And what happened next was nothing short of remarkable.  From auric cleansing to discussions on blacklisted food, the importance of sleep, weaning one’s self away from medication to meditation and spiritual depth, and yes, even a round of Zumba and a satisfying massage, the entire weekend was focused on overall well-being and was facilitated by highly trained professionals- Dr. Dale Flores, a nutrition educator and consultant (who reminded me of a Beverly Hills doctor), Dr. John Reyes, an internist, and Dr. Jocelyn Bilasano, a Russia-based energy and spiritual healer.  Of course, the CEO of Global Vital Source, the lovely and spirited Ms. Jean Goulborn, was there was well to share her journey to wellness and a healthier, happier life.  There were about 40 other participants, with concerns ranging from hypertension to asthma, gout to gall stones, allergies to diabeties, acid reflux to anemia.  And it was surprising to note that a person can look so slim and athletic and yet mask a variety of health issues.  Mental note- must get a full medical check-up every year!

So what did we learn at the lectures?  A whole lot.  Exercises to help with shoulder and back pain, channeling our inner energy, how to do a weekly fruit cleansing, choosing your food to substitute all sorts of medicines and supplements that overburden your liver, how to combat emotional eating, debunking all sorts of food myths and diet fads, picking the lesser evil among common snacks and condiments, and when its the best time to sleep for optimum health.

And then the cleansing began.  After a morning of soups and a generous serving of fruits, we were asked to fast for a while, after which we were only allowed to ingest drinks that were personally delivered to our rooms by Pixie, whose slim physique was enough to inspire you to keep chugging down the stuff.  The flushing then occurs via multiple trips to the bathroom.  You’d be amazed at the result of the accumulation of junk and toxins in your body over the course of several years.  Ok, perhaps amazed is not the right word for it.  Nevertheless the ‘harvest’ came- from little green balls of fat and oil, black formations of calcified stones and a white film of cholesterol.  There’s nothing like the sight of that to convince you to stay far, far away from fastfood joints and to think of deep-fried and processed food like the bubonic plague.  My girlfriends came to visit for moral support and to ogle Brad Pitt’s muscles on TV and I wasn’t even tempted to take a sip of their frapuccinos.


The entire process was really quite painless and by the time we broke the fast the next morning with a hearty serving of fruits, followed by a lunch of beautiful steamed salmon with a side salad and basmati rice, everyone was feeling great.  Some people lost as much as 6 pounds of water weight overnight and I was told that participants from previous batches have, over time, completely gotten off medication and have recovered naturally from all kinds of ailments.  I lost an inch off my waistline and gained a light, vibrant glow (if I may say so myself!).  But more than that, I learned to love myself better and to never compromise my health again.  It’s been a few days since the detox and I’m still happily faithful to my new healthy diet- and I never knew how delish it could be!

So- here’s to the new me and the 10 pounds I’m determined to lose by the end of the month.  Watch out, crush boy!


To ask about the program and to sign up for the next detox (hopefully they can put together another one before October), contact Pia at 0917-6260203.


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