The last few weeks have been so gray and rainy, and we Kikay girls know this is the perfect time to wear our best brights and our biggest smiles to combat the bad juju!  Rain can be uncomfortable (and no one knows this better than me after attending our company treeplanting activity up in the mountains which turned into a mudbath), but it still doesn’t justify looking unfashionable!  Just carry a small umbrella with you at all times, a water repellent jacket, sensible shoes that you can afford to get drenched and plastic bags to stash all wet items when you get to your destination.  Then immediately excuse yourself for a quick touch up (no drowned-rat look please!) and you’re all set to go about your day–or night–normally.

So here are the top ten trends of the season, check out your wardrobe and see if you’re current:

  1.  Pastels– Prim is back in with soft pastels, and the girly girl inside us is rejoicing again.  Sky blue, lavender, mint, butter yellow and baby pink shades are popping up everywhere, from Celine’s Pre-fall show and Nina Ricci’s F/W 2011 collection all the way to the racks of cult brands Mango and Topshop.  A touch at a time is best, like wearing a white shirt with baby pink cropped pants or a lemon yellow mini, or a beige dress with sky blue shoes.  You know the deal—no overkill.
  2. Colorful clutches– The new ‘it’ accessory is a pretty clutch in a surprising color to add punch to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.  If you’re in an all-black ensemble, carry a bright blue clutch, or if you’re in a little white dress, take a fuschia one.  Clutches are ideal buys to update your look–you don’t have to spend big bucks for them (unlike your big ticket Chanel or LV purses) but they’re cute enough to make a difference whenever you need a pick-me-up. 

    Kate Spade Mirra Clutch. Love!

  3. Embroidery– The embellishment of choice as if this moment is pretty embroidery.  Sequins and studs are over, it’s time to dig up mom or grandma’s beautiful ornate shawls (yes, I am talking about those Spanish mantons), or pick up a few embroidered silk blouses and cardigans to add a major dose of femininity to your look.  Wear over black for a more dramatic contrast.
  4. Big Florals– Flower power is still raging, and the prints are getting louder than ever!  There’s nothing cuter than wearing a floral minidress with a denim or black jacket to add some edge, and nowadays it’s even acceptable and fashion-forward to wear florals with florals.  Just make sure you’ve got the attitude and accessories to pull it off.   So keep blooming girls, because everything’s coming up roses…and lilies, and hibiscus… 

    Katy Perry in florals

  5. Chains– I’ll never forget this trend in the 90s–at 9 years old I couldn’t wait to grow up, and one day my dad came home from a trip bringing me a pair of the prettiest black flats with a gold chain right across the top.  I thought I’d died and gone to fashion heaven and wore them to school till they finally fell apart.  And just recently while browsing thru fashion trend sites like whowhatwear daily, I saw the exact same design featured on the accessory page! Talk about a revival.  From wallets to bangles, rings to sandals, thick chains are super in.  It’s time to get linked.
  6. Masculine– To balance off the ultra-sweet girly stuff (pastels, embroidery and florals can be a lot to take in, I admit), masculine clothing on women is becoming popular too.  The boyfriend blazer with rolled up sleeves) that took everyone by storm last year is still at the height of popularity, and now tailored trousers are becoming super chic.  We’re not talking baggy here—that’s just sloppy and unattractive–but sleek, slim menswear classics, like the white shirt, impeccably fit blazers, or a tuxedo suit (sans the bowtie) worn to cocktail events is just unbelievably sexy.
  7. Southwestern– We’ve done animal print, and we’ve done tribal.  This trend is a variation.  It’s definitely ethnic, this time particularly Native American.  Go for leather boxy shoulderbags, leather sandals and moccasins, Native American print dresses or a vest thrown over a minidress, silver jewelry, fringes, embroidered jeans, weaved bags, braided hair and the like.  When channeling a trend, it’s always advisable to just wear one piece at a time instead of all together, unless you’re attending a cowboys and Indians themed party! 

    A taste of the Southwest!

  8. Animalistic– I don’t mean animal print…I think we’ve had enough of that for a while.  There was actually a time when you couldn’t turn your head inside a store without seeing a leopard print dress/belt/bag/shoe , and though I am a huge fan of animal print, there are limits to my love!  So what’s in right now is a print of the actual animal on the clothing article—say a horse, or an owl, a dog, a bear, and so on.  Remember that episode in Glee where Rachel was wearing a reindeer-print sweater with pleated minis and it became a school-wide trend?  That’s what I’m talking about.  If Burberry, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy are producing them, you know you’ve gotta have them.
  9. Accordion pleats– Another thing making a revival is pleats, the small, sharp kind (not the thick, unflattering variation).  I do love pleats on a soft , delicate fabric like chiffon—it gives a ladylike swing when walking and invokes a retro-luxe feel.  Or maybe it just reminds me of my mom and the stuff she used to wear back in the 80s.  Nevertheless, pleats are back whether for cocktail dresses, palazzo pants, long skirts, or office blouses.  Wear with t-strap heels, round, pointed or open-toe pumps for best effect.
  10. Stockings– This is all about Duchess Catherine, as in Prince William’s new wife.  Everything she touches turns into fashion gold, hence all things demure are all the rage.  Being part of the Royal Family means you have to dress in such a way befitting a Queen, so I guess we won’t be seeing her in anything revealing anymore (a shame, since she’s gotten so slim after going on that Dukan Diet).  Anyway, Kate was spotted all over town wearing sheer stockings, bidding bare legs goodbye.  Opt for good quality sheer pantyhose or thigh highs (opaques are only for colder countries and look a little off in the Philippines), or go a la Gossip Girl’s Serena and Blair and wear lace stockings with a short dress for evening events. 

    Yup, she's got Leggs...

So who says you can’t go out and play despite the rain?


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