Tootsie Treats

I don’t know what it is about our feet that makes us want to adorn them so much.  Oh we’ve heard it all—Imelda and her three thousand shoes, Carrie Bradshaw and her love affair with her Manolo Blahniks, and of course Cinderella and her infamous glass slipper.  An average kikay girl would have something like 20-30 pairs herself, ranging from various office heels, evening strappys, ballet flats, leather sandals, runners, boots for travel, and whatever other need she can possibly conceive.

Something blue- Carrie Bradshaw's engagement shoe!

Here in the tropics, flipflops are de rigeur because of the weather and all the activities we love to do.  And when it comes to flipflops, what could possibly be cuter or more comfortable than Havaianas?  I know quite a number of girls building massive collections of Havs, to match every bikini or summer dress/top they own.  Over the years, Havaianas has grown to become a wardrobe staple for pretty much everybody, and the one event all we flipflop fans look forward to each year is the Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH)!  We’ve seen embellishments in Swarovski crystals, another time with different letters so you could spell out names or words for your slipper, and soles and straps in every conceivable color.  Recently they’ve even had a tie-up with the posh Italian brand Missoni for some limited edition designs.  And not only are they gorgeous and a reflection of your personal tastes and preferences, they’re also really durable and such a treat for your feet!  I’ve proven it by wearing my favorite pair all throughout the Sinulog mardi gras where I was walking (and dancing) the whole day, and I didn’t feel any pain at all. 

This year’s MYOH was an absolute favorite, since its theme was all about travel.  The entire event, held at the SM Northwing last July 28-31, was like a big, colorful, fully booked flight.  Invites came as boarding passes and there were attendants guiding the entire process.  At the end of it, you get your finished slippers from the baggage claim area.  Super cute!  I went crazy over the limited edition ‘estampa’ soles, which had passport stamps all over it from all the countries where you can find Havaianas.  And the embellishments were TDF as well, from little kangaroos representing Australia, a kalesa for the Philippines, a harajuku doll representing Japan, an Eiffel Tower for Paris and a Colloseum for Rome.  There were also crystal charms you could add for extra sparkle.  I went on the first night and was so amused hearing people arguing about the merits of a plain sole or a printed one, gold straps or the multi-colored ones, or whether to put pins on their slippers or not.  In the end I got beige printed soles, sea green straps, an Eiffel tower for my left foot and a Colloseum for my right to represent one place I’ve been to and one place I’m planning to visit someday soon.  I hope you girls were able to catch MYOH this year…but if you didn’t, at least you can always get your Havaianas fix from popular shops and boutiques anytime.

My preciousssss....

Another  tootsie treat came when Shandar was launched.  In a fab show called “The Shoe Must Go On” held at Vudu one night in June, we witnessed the debut of some of the most drool-worthy, jaw-dropping shoes ever to hit these shores, created by Mark Tenchavez, modeled by a number of Cebu’s favorite muses, It Girls and noteworthy personalities, and hostess by no less than style icon Tessa Prieto-Valdes.  There were crystals, brocade, animal print, neon, bows, and satin, all parading by on the pretty feet of Katsy Borromeo, Mary Ty, Jude Bacalso, Erica Castillo, Kloodie del Rosario-Chiongbian, Darleen Hopkirk, Ana Maris Igpit, Lani Pasquet, Leslie Reyes, and Mia Arcenas among others.  Some of the shoes were inspired by his muses Christina Garcia Fasco, Gayle Urgello, Josephine de la Baume, Florence Welch, etc which is how he has christened each shoe name.  It was like a dream come true to see such high-fashion footwear, and the best part is they custom make them just for you!  So, whether you’ve got a prince in pursuit or not, if you want to feel like a modern day Cinderella, all you have to do is hit them up at 0927-6805066 or email  You can also check out their photos at the Shandar page on Facebook.

Shandars in acid green!

Speaking of Facebook pages, do ‘like’ the Kikay page on Facebook or follow me at MiaZamora116 on Twitter for Kikay updates and more!  See you online, ladies!


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