You Know You’re ‘Kikay’ If…

About a week or so ago, my grade school classmate Jovic who now lives abroad put up a Facebook group called “You know you’re Cebuano if….” just to reminisce the old times among friends.  People started posting their favorite things past or present about the city, like the food (lechon), the nightlife (hanging out at Bai disco back in the 90s), the music (Friday Gold rush on Y101), not to mention popular school activities like the CIS Halloween fair, cheering exhibitions at the STC Intramurals, the UP Crazy Day, and so on.  Needless to say it was such a big hit that to date there are now 49,582 posts on that group’s wall, and it has 17,973 members.  Who knew???  It became such a phenomenon that there are now a gazillion other groups like it all over the site and people are still happily posting away as we speak!  Well if you can’t beat them, join them right?  Here’s a list for all the girly girls out there.  You know you’re Kikay if…

  1. You cannot step out of the house without any form of makeup.  Oh this is a given—makeup is an integral part of every Kikay girl’s life.  You love your MAC lipstick and your Nars blush, your Shu Uemura eyelash curler , your BB cream and your gel eyeliner.  You know what a highlighter does (and no it’s not to mark your notes pink) and why a primer and contouring powder are of extreme importance.  On a light day where you’re not expecting to do anything much, you still manage to put on face powder, groom your eyebrows, swipe on a cheek tint and lipgloss.  So on evening events—well you can imagine the production.
  2. You’ve got your beautician’s number on speed dial.  This is for the wild number of services you avail of at the clinic or salon every month, from trims to threading to your signature French tip or dark red manicures, oxygen facials,body scrubs, keratin treatments, lash extensions, IPLs, paraffin treatments for the hands and feet, highlights, digital perms, and whatever else they manage to invent.  In fact given all of that, it is possible you spend more time at the parlor than you do anywhere else. 

    Keep red nails short unless you want people to assume you charge by the hour!

  3. Your criteria for a favorite TV show is a rockin’ wardrobe department.   Being a patron of the arts (fashion, that is), you are an avid supporter of any movie or TV show that showcases beautiful clothes.  You most likely watched Pretty Woman 20 times just for that shopping scene, Alicia Silverstone’s digital wardrobe in the movie Clueless was your ultimate dream, you drew all your favorite Kelly and Brenda (from the original 90210) outfits when you were 10 years old, and now you hyperventilate while watching Gossip Girl not because of Nate Archibald’s good looks but because of Serena’s appearance in Herve Leger.  Yes, that sounds very familiar indeed. 

    ...and that's how you rock Herve Leger!

  4. You’ve got at least 10 different bath products lined up along the tub.  Bath time is ‘me’ time for all Kikay girls, so it is not possible to have anything less than multiple products to suit our different moods and needs.  There’s a regular shampoo, a clarifying shampoo, a straightening conditioner, an intensive hair treatment, a calming body wash, a papaya or milk soap, a scented body scrub, bath salts, a vanilla bubble bath, a bath lily, a loofah scrub, then a bath oil, ad infinitum.  Plus points if you actually listen to music while taking a bath, most especially if the music is jazz.
  5. You follow a strict skincare regimen every morning and night.  Aging badly and dull skin are your worst nightmares and you take every precaution to avoid it.  Therefore, after washing your face with a mild cleanser, you put on a toner to tighten up the pores, then a brightening serum, then an eye cream, then an SPF 30 moisturizer, then your makeup base.  In the evening you remove your makeup with cleansing oil, then wash your face, apply the serum, the eye cream, and a night cream all over your face and neck.  You also put a leave-in hair treatment to the tips of your hair, lotion, and petroleum jelly on your hands and feet (with gloves and socks) a few times a week.  Whoever said beauty is effortless is totally lying. 
  6. You feel naked without earrings or perfume.  For you, not wearing earrings is like not wearing underwear.  You must at least put on pearl studs during the day and an assortment of pretty gems, diamonds or dramatic dangling earrings at night.  You know, of course, that balance is key so you don’t pile on heavy earrings with a necklace and rings and a bracelet and watch all at the same time.  Perfume is also a requirement (even when going to sleep), so you’ve either got a signature scent that you’ve been wearing forever or you have a light, fruity fragrance like Jo Malone, Miss Dior Cherie or Burberry Summer for the day and something sexy for evening like Gucci Rush.  

    my current favorite, and yes the bottle is pretty too!

  7. You adore dressing up and photoshoots.  Playing dress-up is your favorite thing to do and therefore every day is like a magazine editorial- in fact quite a number of girls have started blogs just to showcase what they wear.  When you’re at work, you’re in sleek, polished business attire and can run flights of stairs in five inch heels.  When it’s a sunny Saturday, you’re in a floral sundress, sandals and a small shoulder bag while having coffee with friends or taking your pooch for a late afternoon stroll.  When attending a formal event, you like to pretend it’s the Oscars red carpet and your gown can certainly rival Gwyneth’s or Julia’s.  When travelling, you would rather die than be photographed wearing trainers, a t-shirt and a messenger bag.  A trip, after all, is just like an out of town pictorial and nothing makes you happier than going someplace where you can wear your trench coat, knee high boots and a chic scarf…or your sheer poncho, wide brimmed hat and gigantic sunglasses.  

    well done, Hermione and friend! Just iron that trench and it's perfection. 🙂 Gotta love Burberry.

  8. You’re definitely one of the girls.  No one would ever call a Kikay girl ‘one of the boys’, even if you can kick butt in certain sports or can comfortably hang out and crack jokes with a group of guy friends.  No matter where you are or what you do, you are still a chocolate-eating, mimosa-sipping, stiletto-wearing, themed party-planning, romcom-watching girly girl.  And you love every bit of it. 

    Sooo cute! From the movie "Down With Love".

I can think of a lot more, and I’m sure you can too!  ‘Like’ the Kikay page at Facebook and post your ideas, I’d love to hear from you.  For now, ta-ta and catch you online.


2 thoughts on “You Know You’re ‘Kikay’ If…

  1. hi mia! just got across your beauty/kikay blog. you have very interesting write-ups. i am your avid reader (since i do not like to write my own but only read and apply what i can with regards to ‘kikay’ stuff).

    • Hi Gela! So great to hear from you. 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog! I was just in Singapore and wish we could’ve met up but it was a really short trip and I was with my mom. Hopefully we can catch up soon, either here or there. Mwah!

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