Fall Fashion Trends

The –Ber months have come and that could only mean bundling up in warmer and far more chic clothing.  Yes, we do not have autumn or winter in the Philippines, but the air is getting cooler and the nights are getting longer, therefore we’ve all got to stash up those cutesy floral sundresses and shorts and find more weather-appropriate articles to wear.  Layering clothes doesn’t mean one has to stick to boring and predictable cardigans and jackets though—fall fashion (or our version of it, anyway) can be a lot of fun if you’ve got the right items to update your look.  Here are the top ten fashion must-haves from the recently concluded Fashion Weeks in London and New York:

  1.  Wide leg- Yes, you can still wear your favorite skinny jeans and hold your head high, but if you really want to be up to date, go for wide leg jeans and ultra-wide pants.  These go with tight, body skimming tops and attractive belts.  Admit it, wearing them makes you feel far more sophisticated and avant garde. 

    Check out this look from Marc Jacobs!

  2. Square heels- We’ve done the ultra thin stilettos, the kitten heel and the cone shaped heel.  This time the shape appearing in the shoe collections of top brands like Louis Vuitton are stacked or Cuban, meaning they are very square and yes, still very high.  There’s something appealing about these shoes—they don’t scream all out ‘sexy’ but they have an alluring, Mad Men retro kind of feel.  

    The LV Beauty Pump. Lurve!!!

  3. Snakeskin- For clutches, shoes, belts and even dresses, snakeskin prints are super on target.  Colored snakeskin is an interesting variety too and can add eye candy to an all noir attire.  Yes, animal prints like leopard spots are still popular but snakeskin is even more sultry.  Yes, slytherin definitely has an intoxicating mystique.
  4. Midi skirts- Ok, I know you all must have a ton of mini skirts and mini dresses because it was all stores would sell the last few seasons—God knows I still have a stash of Forever 21 dresses that I can only wear on weekends because their hemlines would scandalize people in the office.  However, we must accept the fact that midis are back in a big way, as evidenced by celebrity sightings all over our favorite fashion capitals.  This season, prim is in—sleek midi skirts, ruffled blouses.  It’s time to pack up the vamp and show there’s still a good girl left there somewhere!
  5. Cat shades- In true mod fashion, cat eye sunglasses shapes are all anyone noteworthy is wearing nowadays.  So trade in the aviators for a glamorous pair and you could almost see yourself starring in an classic Hollywood flick.  

    Celebs in cat eye shades

  6. Polka dots- A guy friend once told me that no one could conceivably look good in polka dots.  I had two words for him:  Pretty Woman.  Who could forget Julia Roberts in that mocha polka dot dress she wore to the polo matches?  So yes, dots are in again (especially on light material like chiffon)—and I dare you to keep proving my friend wrong! 

    This is what I'm talking about!

  7. Modern brands-  While flipping through the monster 700+ page issue of Vogue, I noticed that although the great classics like Vuitton and Chanel and Versace were still prominently showcased, all the up and coming style stars like Alexa Chung were wearing more modern brands—Theyskens Theory, Rebecca Minkoff, 3.1 Philip Lim, The Row, and trading in their cult bags for the likes of London brand Mulberry.  If you haven’t the faintest idea of what or who I’m talking about, it’s time to brush up on your labels, girls!
  8. Corduroy-  I once thought corduroy was gone for good but it looks like I was wrong.  True to the retro 60s and 70s vibe we’re seeing all over the place, cords are back—and in bootleg cut too.  Definitely groovy but not as easy to pull off.  I suggest you get it in neutrals like chocolate brown, camel or black to ensure you’ll get to wear the item several times this season.
  9. Sheath dress-  Yes, our midsections can relax a bit as we are seeing a lot of Jackie Kennedy style dresses straight out of the 60s.  That means relatively straight silhouettes, but very ladylike.  Just make sure you have the toned arms and legs to give this look justice, or else you’re going to look like you’re wearing a sack.  Throw a shawl over it to cover up at the office.  

    Oh Jackie!

  10. Alligator skin- Bags and purses are going over the top luxurious in alligator skins.  The in thing right now are small bags with long chain straps.  Go rummage in your mom’s closet, I’m sure she has some from the 80s.  Don’t you just love how everything comes full circle in life and in fashion?   

    a Chanel classic in alligator skin. Bite me!

So that’s a wrap, ladies—it’s been a wonderful September and hopefully we’ll be having an awesome last quarter of the year.  Cheers!


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