The Kikay Christmas Gift List (Men’s Edition)

Thank you to everyone who sent in feedback about last week’s Kikay Christmas List (for girls)- you guys made my day!  I love hearing from readers.   Another thing that’s giving me lots of holiday cheer is ticking off names and items off my own list and wrapping presents while Christmas songs are playing in the background– I feel like a glam female version of Santa Claus.  The only problem I usually have when Christmas shopping, however, is picking out suitable gifts for boys other than the usual shirt, wallet or tie.  So I went and asked some guy friends what they’d like for Christmas and here’s what we have.  (Marty, Anton and friends from JCI Manila, thanks for the great tips!)

  1.  Accessories for wine and cigars– For the sophisticated man, a cigar cutter and wine stopper would be much appreciated.  A box of cigars too.  You can look for these at stores like Tinderbox, Fuma, department stores or the Duty Free outlet. 
  2. Jigger, shaker and glasses– On the same note, men who love to entertain would need a jigger (for measuring), a shaker to whip up those drinks, and a set of glasses- be it for scotch, wine or shots for serving.  A complementary gift would also be a book of how to make popular cocktails.  Check out the department stores of Metro or SM for the accessories and glasses, and Fully Booked, National Bookstore or Powerbooks for the book. 
  3. Phiten titanium bracelet or necklaces– Ok, so I had no idea what these things were for and why guys were suddenly wearing cords around their necks or wrists until my ex, who is an athletic sort of guy, explained to me that it had something to do with well-being.  Apparently if metals like titanium or gold are absorbed by the body, they help transport antibodies, boost energy, etc.  So guys who are into sports would love ‘em.  
  4. Sunglasses– Next to Christmas, summer is my favorite season of the year partly because more guys wear shades then, and for some reason it makes them look about a thousand times better.  The key is in choosing the right pair!  Urbanites would look good in Ray-Ban aviators, and modern athletic types are better suited for Oakley.  Take your pick from the selections at optical shops in town.  Stylish frames for eyeglasses make a good gift too. 
  5. Victorinox Classic Series – A smaller cousin of the Swiss army knife, this item is small enough to be carried around as a keychain, but brings with it the workings of an entire toolkit: Blades, screwdrivers, scissors, nail files, etc. Comes in various configurations, some even have pens and LED flashlights. For an extra stylish touch, consider the Japanese Zen-themed Victorinox Tomo or for the exec on the go, there’s the Victorinox USB, which includes a USB flash drive. 
  6. Something for the car– We all know that men are in love with their cars and spend more time with it than anything or anyone else.  So we might as well get them something to enhance their babies.  Look for a nice steering wheel cover, car pillow, car scent or sunshade.  As much as possible, restrain yourself from picking out anything with print and go for very basic colors and designs- black, silver, gray, or red would be good choices.  You’ll find some in True Value or at car stores anywhere. 
  7. Grooming kit– There are guys who hardly pay any attention to what they rub on, and guys who are very meticulous about skin care and sunblock and such.  Either way, they would appreciate a carefully selected grooming kit.  Do not get anything packaged in anything colorful or they would freak out and think it’s something girly.  Look for items that serve their purpose but still look manly.  You can get a pre-packaged men’s grooming kit from Rustan’s essenses, or you can make your own by buying a black toiletry bag and stuffing it with white soap, shaving cream, aftershave, unscented sunblock moisturizer, eye cream, cologne and unflavored/colorless lipbalm and the Braun electric shaver.  For frequent travellers, get a miniature version of everything. 
  8. Sports gear– Not all guys look good wearing caps, but it at least can conceal horrible haircuts or bald spots and generally makes them look a bit younger.  Get a baseball cap from the Nike Stadium or the Adidas store.  While you’re there you can also get them a water bottle, dri-fit shirts, basketball shorts or a gym bag.  And of course, for running aficionados, the best running shoes and all sorts of other specialty paraphernalia are found at RUNNR in Ayala Center. 
  9. Liquor– Same as the item on the girls’ list last week, liquor also makes a good gift for guys this holiday season given all the parties going on left and right.  Get a festive bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne, Fat Bastard wines (from Darras + Bowler at Crossroads, Belvedere vodka or good old Johnny Walker Black or Blue.  
  10. Hobby books– Many guys are avid hobbyists, whether it has something to do with automobiles, sailing, wines and cheeses, hiking and trekking, fishing, surfing, farming, photography, watches, collector’s items and even management or leadership.  Since it can be tricky to get them items related to the hobby itself (as we don’t know what they have or don’t or whether it’s the correct kind of thing), you may want to consider getting him a book about the topic that he can put on his coffee table or bookshelf.  At least you’re helping him pursue his passions, right? 
  11. Monogrammed handkerchiefs– White handkerchiefs always appear on my Christmas list each year, and for good reason.  Men can never have enough of them.  Useful for cleaning up messes and wiping away girls’ tears (haha).  Add an extra dash of class by having them monogrammed with his initials and if you like the guy, maybe dab a bit of your perfume on them too. 
  12.  Coldplay concert tickets– I don’t know any guy (or girl, for that matter) who wouldn’t flip out over this.  Yes my dear friends, Coldplay is having a concert in Manila on April 18 2012 at the Araneta Coliseum.  Check out ticketnet for prices and snag them quick!  –>  Okay so I just found out today that this concert is a hoax!  Heartbroken!!! 😦   At any rate, concert tickets to any of your guy’s favorite performers or bands will rock his world. 

Two weeks to go, everyone!   Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas and always count your blessings.  Here’s something cute for all of you–


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