Holiday Dressing

Before we get to our Kikay topic, allow me to say that as I write this article my heart is bleeding for Northern Mindanao which was ravaged by Typhoon Sendong while most of us were Christmas party-hopping.  I appeal to all of you reading this to help in any way you can—there are various drop in centers for donating food, clothes, blankets, slippers, medicines, organized by foundations such as Aboitiz, ABS-CBN, GMA or non-profit orgs like JCI Zugbuana (at Benedicto College in A.S. Fortuna).  You can also donate to the Red Cross by texting.  For friends on Smart, text RED <amount in 10, 25, 50 or 100> to 4143. For friends on Globe, text RED <amount in 10, 25, 50 or 100> to 2899.  Or deposit to Xavier University via BPI Main Account 9331-0133-63.  All of us who sleep comfortably in our warm beds and have plenty of food to eat this Christmas—we must help our thousands of brothers in need.  It is no longer an option, it is an obligation as human beings to help each other especially at a time like this.

Ok, having said that I’m feeling a little bit better knowing that help is on its way.  I originally planned for this article to feature holiday dressing since we all have a number of functions to attend, from office parties to get-togethers with friends and family, Christmas Eve dinner and New Year’s Eve celebrations.  Here are the top ten holiday trends to slip into this season:

  1.  Sequins–  Yes we’re talking full-on sequins, not just a sprinkling here and there.  Minidresses in black, silver or gold sparkles are all the rage right now and couldn’t be any more festive.  When you wear sequins though, remember to turn down the bling, simplify the hairstyle, and use a neutral pair of shoes and purse like plain beige or black.  The last thing you want is to look like a walking Christmas tree! 

    Gorgeous Oscar de la Renta sequin cocktail dress

  2. Animal print– And the jungle fever is still on!  Wear leopard prints, zebra prints or snakeskin and be the hottest chick in the room.  You can opt for just a top with black mini or wide leg pants, or a plain top with a printed skirt, or a little black, gray or white dress with an animal print belt, scarf or shoes.  But again, please do not wear all of these together!  I saw one lady at the mall wearing a leopard print blouse, shoes, and bag and the only word I could think of was:  Roadkill. 

    Jennifer Hudson in Michael Kors. Rawr!

  3. Red lips– Tis the season for lounging around the mistletoe looking for someone cute to kiss!  Therefore the occasion calls for luscious red lips courtesy of MAC lipstick of course.  I’ve been harping about the Ruby Woo shade every chance I got but at the opening party I spotted one girl who totally stood out in an all-black ensemble and beautiful red lips—turned out she was wearing Russian Red.  Must try!  After all, all women look good in red lipstick—it’s a matter of finding the perfect shade for you.  Rush over to the counter now to find your match.
  4. Bordeaux– Another great shade to try this holiday season is Bordeaux, as in wine.  Looks fantastic especially if it comes in a satiny material for blouses or dresses, also looks great worn as nail polish on super short nails (long ones will make you look like the Wicked Witch).  Complement with lilac colored eyeshadow with maybe a little tinge of green and plum lipstick. 

    Hillary Swank in a bordeaux dress and Lotus Rouge nail polish from Chanel

  5. Lace– One thing I love about this year is we were given all out access to celebrate our femininity, especially with dresses and blouses in lace.  I think black lace against a nude lining is the sexiest and most sophisticated look of all, just make sure you tone down the overall vibe by ensuring the dress is not too short, wearing closed black pumps, and accessorizing with something demure like simple pearl studs.  Keep hair sleek and straight, or worn up in a stylish ponytail. 

    Kristen Stewart in a lace Valentino dress

  6. Smoky eyes– If red lips are really not your thing, at least play up your eyes by creating a dark, smoky look.  The first thing to do is apply a base color in shimmery silver all over the lid up to the brow bone, then fill in with charcoal gray on the lid, extending a little bit outwards to make your eyes look cat-like.  Then finish with a black gel liner and mascara for thick dramatic lashes.  Then wear with nude glossy lips and a light blush. 
  7. Cuffed jeans– For more casual get-togethers, wear cuffed jeans (as in folded right above the ankle to show off) with pointy pumps and a dressy top.  This only works out with slim cut pants though, it looks laid back yet still sexy and polished, and perfectly shows off killer shoes. 
  8. Forest Green– Everyone likes to dress up in Christmas colors, but if you want to look a little more elegant than a jolly green elf, change the shade to an opulent, dark green.  Looks good worn as a cocktail dress or blouse, and gold accessories set it off beautifully.  

    SJP for Elle

  9. Metallics– Word of caution for this trend:  metallics make people a lot uhm, chunkier than they actually are.  So only wear a metallic gold or silver dress if you’re svelte (ps I hate you).  The option is to wear a metallic skirt instead (less emphasis on any lumps there might be).  I found a gorgeous gold skirt from Forever 21 and it was a big hit worn with a black tank top and boyfriend blazer.  Or you can limit the metallic to your shoes and bag instead, or to a bold statement cuff or dangling earrings. 

    Gleaming Herve Leger dress. Drool!

  10. White–  There used to be a time where white was not to be worn during winter but that rule is long gone.  I think white looks perfect on Christmas day, for a nice family lunch or high tea in the afternoon.  Wear with a strand of pearls, and a red accent somewhere like a headband or belt or shoes.  Or go a la Kate Spade or Paul Smith and wear white with a rainbow of colors.  So crisp and elegant! 

    Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes and Demi Moore in little white dresses. Looks like Christmas morning!

Now that you’ve got the dressing up part down pat, all you need to do now is bask in the glow of having family and friends near, celebrate another blessed year, and fill your heart with gratitude and the spirit of giving.  Cheers everyone!


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