Beating the Summer Heat

This has got to be the most scorching, heatstroke-inducing, nosebleed-triggering, migraine-causing summer of all time.  Seriously, based on Facebook posts alone– this heat is driving people crazy!  It wouldn’t have been so bad if we could work right at the beach, but being trapped in the city at the height of a blazing summer day is not the least bit funny.

So, to all the sweltering sufferers out there, here are some tips to beat the heat:

  1.  Hydrate.  Now more than ever, you are at risk of dehydration if you don’t take in enough liquids.  Aim for 3 liters of water a day (yes, that is more than 8 glasses) to keep your body functioning normally.  If you start to notice a headache or migraine setting in, start gulping that water (and add in a slice of lemon for alkalinity) instead of popping a paracetamol.  It should help ward the headache away.  And as for Gatorade and other such beverages, yes they help too but take note that these drinks also contains sugars and flavoring—all the more that ice cold cola drink or frozen iced tea you’re craving for.  So for the most part, stick to water.  It’s good for you.

    Drink up!

  2. Wear light materials.  Yes, every day you are half tempted to just strip and walk around everywhere in a bikini, but so as not to scar people for life, might as well just stick to wearing light colors and light materials for the summer.  Now is a good time to wear white and light pastels, and skip blacks, grays and red—it’s just too hot and just too much to take in.  Go for cotton, jersey, linens and steer clear of knits.  Just make sure that as you wear lighter colors, none of your undies can be seen through the fabric.  That’s just the height of bad taste.  So hold off on the printed and neon and black undies and stick to all beige to be safe.

    Lovin’ these summer whites…

  3. Go fuzz free.  This is also the season in the year where frequent waxing is mandatory—after all, your legs and arms get the most mileage and exposure and must be completely fuzz free.  Not to mention the bikini area for those impromptu trips to the beach!  So book all those appointments at the Lay Bare waxing salon (either at SM or BTC), or just get this whole thing over with for good and get lasered everywhere that has auxiliary hair.  I have not met a single person who hasn’t said it was the best investment ever.  Visit the CRB clinic at SM Northwing or the medical clinic of Dra. Bernad at Perpetual Succor.

    Wow legs!

  4. Enjoy manis and pedis.  Never before has nail polish and nail art become so popular, and I fully intend to exploit every opportunity to rock it.  Summer ain’t summer without those regular manis and pedis.  Remember to keep your nails short and chic, and choose colors to keep you feeling happy and beachy all day long, like magenta, turquoise, or pastels.  I also love the stick-on variety like Sally Hansen, which allows you to play around with prints.  And of course, to show off your perfectly cute toes, wear your favorite peeptoe shoes at the office (if you’re allowed to, that is) and slip on your Havaianas on weekends!

    Today’s hottest manicure trend- marbled nails! Strictly for weekends. 😉

  5. Plan a summer party.  Since it’s already crazy hot anyway and the beach is on everyone’s mind, might as well celebrate.  Go on an outing with your friends, whether to a beach in Mactan, Moalboal, Camotes, Cordova, Malapascua, Bantayan, Pandanon, Panglao, Boracay, El Nido—oh wow now that I think about it, we’re probably the luckiest people in the world to have all these gorgeous beaches within close proximity.  And if you’re not a beach person (I can’t imagine that kind of person actually exists, but just in case)—then have a garden or pool party instead involving lots of hoses, squirt guns, water polo, etc.  You can even put out a barbeque grill or a lemonade stand, and make ice candy, snow cones and ice drops to add good old summer fun.  At least you’ll get to enjoy the sun before the monsoons come in.

    This photo is enough to make me wish I was three years old again!

  6. Wear sunblock.  Yes, sporting a tan is cool and makes you look healthier and more ‘glowing’, but not at the expense of your skin’s protection.  I know everyone has been saying this over again but there are still people who get lazy to put on sunblock, not only at the beach but every day, whether it looks sunny or overcast.  And your face is not the only body part that you need to put sunblock on—don’t forget your neck, your ears, your shoulders and arms, and all other frequently exposed parts.  So make it a default habit to put on facial sunblock under your BB cream and SPF powder to set it, and a strong sunblock lotion like VMV Armada all over.  Reapply the sunblock every few hours (and more frequently if you’re out swimming) to ensure full coverage.  As for that golden tan, you can always just use a self tanner and bronzer to create the look, and the plus part is you won’t have to deal with skin peeling off and tan lines that won’t fade for months.

    You can fake this golden tan without damaging your skin!

  7. Moisturize.  Keep your skin, hair and lips quenched all summer long by staying moisturized and feeling luscious.  Use lots of after-sun protection, like refrigerated cold cream (this is such a treat), leave-in overnight hair treatment or one of those weekly treatment vials or infusions, an SPF lip balm to counter chapping and peeling lips, and facial masques.  I love the good old Nivea cold cream fresh from the ref, the Loreal Elseve leave in hair treatment, the Avon advance techniques scalp treatment that feels like cool menthol and the Vaseline SPF lip balm.  Take that, summer sun—you can’t stop us from looking great no matter what.

    Imagine how good this feels on your skin straight out of the ref…

  8. Play summer songs.  So if you can’t beat it, learn to embrace it.  Now is the perfect time to create a summer playlist to keep you feeling happy despite the occasional discomfort of non-airconditioned places and other nasties.  Keep your iPod with you at all times and put the following on repeat:  Kokomo (Beach Boys), Talk to Me Like the Sea (EBTG), Summer Sunshine (the Corrs), Sail Away (Enya), As Strong As the Sun (Astronuts), Surfer Girl (Beach Boys), Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams), Endless Summer Nights (Richard Marx), On and on (Hall and Oates), Island in the Sun (Weezer) and other such happy vibe inducing songs.  Then put on your shades, smile, and carry on.

    Bring the beach to the city with some summer tunes!


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