It’s Easy Being Green!

With all this concern about global warming, increased occurrence of diseases from chemicals, and several other catastrophes, it seems the whole world is making a concerted effort to go green.  We’re hearing of tree planting, recycling efforts, and sustainability projects all over, organic food, even organic cosmetics and eco-friendly clothing.  Today I’ll be writing about some of my favourite ‘green’ things in the hope that more and more of you out there find your own little ways to conserve and protect our planet while staying healthy and celebrating the natural life.

  1. Organic Soaps–  When you say a product is ‘organic’, it means it was created using natural plant based ingredients, without chemicals that may prove to be harmful to your skin.  I’ve been on the lookout for handmade soaps created with a fully environment friendly process and came across Mir & Ryvi soaps while browsing around in Beauty Bar.  Not only do they use premium natural extracts from as far as Jeju Island in South Korea, Grasse in France and the Amazon forests for their soaps along with raw materials from certified organic farms in Laguna, what’s great about this company is they are also a social enterprise, sponsoring the college education of their factory workers.  How cool is that?!  There are three soaps to choose from- Banana, which lightens age spots because of its acerola extract ingredient (known as the ‘natural hydroquinone’), Tomato, a natural antiseptic which significantly lessens acne and even gives your skin a pinkish glow because of its lycopene content, and Papaya which is a known skin lightening agent, now made even better with the addition of mulberry extract, a melanin inhibitor, to the mix.  I am super happy with these soaps, and I think my friends will be too…looks like I’ve found the perfect presents for the holidays, and it’s the gift that gives you the opportunity to support the livelihood of local farmers and the employment of out of school youth and unemployed mothers.  You can’t go wrong with that.
  2. Other Organic cosmetics– Aside from soap, kikay ladies are also swearing by other all-natural products—like Human Nature’s Sunflower Beauty Oil, Tutti Frutti lip balm and their Goat’s Milk and Cocoa body butter.  Human Nature is also a social enterprise, partnering with the Gawad Kalinga foundation. It has 23 different branches nationwide, and here in Cebu their products are distributed at the Galleria Fuente Building, although you can pick up some in Rustan’s Essenses and at their online store too at Ilog Maria is another popular organic brand, with products all made from a honeybee farm in Cavite. I discovered this at the Echo store at the Podium in Ortigas–their honey propolis shampoo, royal jelly and honeymilk lotion, mosquito repellent and healing massage oils are all winners in my book.  Get your fix from their online store at

    Ilog Maria’s Honey and Propolis Shampoo

    Human ❤ Nature Sunflower Oil

  3. Havaianas Eco– Sustainable fashion is on the rise too, and Havaianas has stepped up their social responsibility and gone beyond fun fashion by producing a groundbreaking, nature-friendly style that recycles rubber left over from your favorite Havaianas flip-flops during regular production. It’s just as comfy as the Havaianas you’ve grown to love, and is comes in Pop Rose and White/Green with a translucent jelly strap and soles that are artfully adorned with fun illustrations depicting the recycling and production process of how each pair of Havaianas Eco is made.  There is also the Missoni ❤ Havaianas collection that I’ve been crazy about since I heard of it—it is made from the same process of recycling residual rubber from production and printed with that trademark Missoni zigzag we all love.  It’s a perfect merger of fashion and respect for nature.  You can get this pair only at Adora in Greenbelt, but the Eco ones are available here in Cebu.  Watch out as well for the Make Your Own Havaianas event on August 2-5 at the SM Northwing Atrium and celebrate 50 years of our favorite fun, carefree, summer-all-year-long flipflops!

    Havaianas Eco Pop in Rose

  4. JCI Zugbuana’s Project Green– I’m also proud to share that the socio-civic leadership organization that I’m a part of, JCI Zugbuana, is celebrating its 21styear with an advocacy campaign for the environment called Project Green.  We are working with the local government to run an urban gardening project at Barangay Lahug, where residents learn to plant edible crops like camote tops, alugbati, tomatoes, malunggay and kangkong using recycled mineral water bottles.  This project supports one of the UN’s thrusts to alleviate poverty and hunger, and it also promotes proper garbage disposal and recycling.  Another initiative we are supporting is an awareness campaign for the Minantaw Marine Park and Sanctuary, which we are working on with the Project Seahorse Foundation and JCI Manila’s Sea Of Life project.  Did you guys know that there’s a double barrier coral reef just about 3 kms from Lapulapu?  It’s the only one in the Philippines, one of three in the Indo-Pacific region and one of six in the world, and stretches across 40 islands in Cebu, Bohol and Southern Leyte.  Due to rampant dynamite fishing, the reef is damaged and will pose grave problems in our ecosystem, not to mention the adverse effects this will have on food security, the economy and tourism in the area if it isn’t preserved.  Through this awareness campaign we hope to raise funds for marker buoys (to delineate boundaries) and the maintenance of the boats patrolling the area.  Life vests and rechargeable solar lamps have been donated by our sister chapter JCI Manila too.  If you are interested to support the project, please send me an email or drop a message on the JCI-Zugbuana page on Facebook.

    JCI Zugbuana’s Project Green

So it’s easy being green after all!  Here’s to the good life and living well.

Sorry I gotta disagree with you, but you’re still cute, Kermie! :*

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