Fashion Forward for Fall

I can hardly believe that in just a few days, the Ber months will be upon us!  What a colorful year it’s been so far, and I hope the last quarter of 2012 will be a fitting culmination.  Fashion-wise, it’s been equally amazing as well—we had the prettiest pastels and lace gracing our spring, and neons and cut-outs to rock our summer.  But, my darlings, summer has to end sometime, and now we have a whole new look book to get excited about for fall.  Yes, there is no autumn in this country and we’ve got massive monsoons instead, but we’ve got to wear something other than shorts when it’s stopped being sunny outside. Here are the top 10 trends based on the latest runway reports:

  1.  Metallics– The best way to update your wardrobe this season is to slip into something metallic.  For instance, wear a plain black top with a metallic gold skirt, or a pair of white cigarette pants with a silver blouse.  If you’re iffy about actual metallic clothes, then use accessories to pack a punch instead, like a belt, shoes or a bag.

    From the Blumarine FW 2012 collection. They look like space age Barbies!

  2. Geometric prints–  You’d think we were transported back into the 60s and 70s and living in the time of Austin Powers or something.  But yes, geometric prints are now back to ubercool status—as is nearly anything mod, retro or vintage.  According to Vogue Italia’s Jessica Michault, “the only option is to go with the flow of the fashion and embrace the noise.”  Check out photos of the Prada or Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2012 runway shows and you’ll see what I mean.

    Geometric prints from Prada

  3. Fluted hems–  There’s something very prim and yet very intriguing about a fluted hem.  If last summer was all about the mullet skirt (uneven hemline) and the peplum dress, fall is looking quite demure.  Look for skirts that fit like a glove from waist to mid-thigh and then blossom into ruffles.  Of course, never ever wear it with a billowy blouse or you’ll look like a walking cloud.  Go for snug and simple tops instead to keep the focus on the skirt detail.  Check out the Fall-Winter collections of Etro or DKNY for reference.

    A pretty fluted hem from Etro

  4. Embellished necklines– If images fresh off the presses for Givenchy, Marni and Dior are any indication, it looks like we’ll be adorning our necklines a lot more for fall.  Look for dresses or halter tops embellished with beads, chains, or applique.  Naturally, it is never advisable to overaccessorize.  If you’re wearing a heavily decorated blouse or dress, then limit yourself to just stud earrings and a watch and go plain for everything else, including your shoes and clutch.
  5. Blue eyeliner/mascara– I’ve said this a few times before for other trends that I never thought would see the light of day again, and the same is true about this one.  Try to remove teased hair and large hoop earrings from your imagination and just think about a simple all white or all black outfit, with your hair sleek and straight (or tied up in a ponytail), and bright blue eyeliner/mascara.  I have yet to try it but I suspect it would be very, very cool.

    Must try this…

  6. Navy neutrals– This time, navy blue is the new black.  And I think ever since Duchess Kate got engaged to Prince Will in that navy wrap dress and the sapphire ring, the color has catapulted into a whole new level of glamour.  So whether it’s picking out a cocktail dress for a special occasion or even just a new neutral for a leather bag, shoes, a belt, trousers or a blazer, navy is your best bet for a crisp, fresh new take on basic black.
  7. Off shoulder– I’ve always thought this was one of the most flattering necklines there are.  Very feminine and showcases the collarbone beautifully. According to the fashion reports from Who What Wear, stars have been spotted in the style already, be it off shoulder long sleeved blouses, or off shoulder gowns (a la Jil Sander).  We can gladly follow suit.

    My favorite from Jil Sander

  8. Bold accessories– Accessories du jour for the autumn season are chain collars, beautiful crystal brooches, bowling bags like the ones that just came out from Burberry, and round shades.  Round shades!  The last time I saw these and actually thought they were cool, I was 13 years old.  The world turns indeed.
  9. Wild West– Yee-haw!  Get ready to dress like a sexy cowgirl with all the western-inspired clothing coming out in stores all over.  You’ve got checks, embroidered tops, apache prints, denims, brown leather—there’s a whole gamut of choices to play with here.  Just don’t go overkill and wear all of it at the same time, or people will think you’re attending a costume party.

    Modern take on the Wild West at Isabel Marant FW 2012

  10. Androgyne– If everything was girly for spring and summer, it’s time to explore the edgy opposite for the rest of the year.  Work those boxy blazers and tuxedo jackets with mini-dresses, cigarette pants or shorts, and if you want to reinforce your Rihanna rockstar vibe, wear cut out booties and a smoky eye while you’re at it.

Here’s hoping the rains and the flooding will stop for the rest of the country and we can enjoy an easy, breezy last few months of 2012.  Cheers!

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