Holiday Dressing

The holidays are upon us, and we all better start dieting to prepare for the flurry of activities and eating sprees that are headed our way in the coming month!  Soon it will be time to put up our trees (if you haven’t already), start playing Christmas songs, checking off our gift lists, wrapping and delivering presents (my absolute favourite Christmas chore)– but of course, we Kikays want to do all that in top style.  Here are the best looks from the fall/winter shows to guide your holiday dressing:

  1. Print trousers– I never thought this trend would make a comeback, but I have to admit it looks pretty cute.  Look for printed pants in fashion-forward stores like Forever 21 and match with a plain or neutral top and shoes.  You can accessorize this look accordingly as well to suit your mood—boho bag and bangles if you want to be hip, or a structured bag, heels and a cuff or string of pearls if you want to stay ultra-feminine.  Overall I like the idea, it’s just that you can’t keep wearing the same printed trousers over and over.  Perhaps indulge in just one to update your wardrobe, but stay versatile for the most part.

    Fancy pants from Mango

  2. Round sunnies–  Shades have gone through the most changes in recent years, from the oversize Hollywood star variety to the cat shaped, to aviators and the infamous wayfarers (Gangnam Style, anyone?).  Now it’s time for the round lenses to make a comeback, and for some reason this reminds me of John Lennon and the Wizard of Oz.  Anyway, a word of advice—do not wear round shades if you have a round face.  It can be cool, interesting and quirky on a long, square or oval shaped face, but on a round one, the look is too unflattering to be cute.

    Round shades by Ray-Ban

  3. Evening clutches– Better get those spray mattifiers ready girls, because evening bags are growing tinier by the day, and the only things you can fit in them are a tube of lipstick, your credit card, and the house key.  So make sure your makeup will stay put all night by wearing primer, finishing with loose powder or mineral veil, and spritzing a setting spray.  Otherwise, woe to you.  I do love the tiny miniauderes though, they look really elegant and classy worn with a cocktail dress or gown.

    Here’s a grogeous one from Bottega Venetta

  4. Fringe– The Great Gatsby is a wonderful theme for Christmas parties this year, especially since we are all anticipating the movie (starring Leonardo di Caprio, no less) and the promotional photos are to die for!  So fringe is totally in this season, on skirts, dresses and blouses.  Tassels too, for belts and bags.  And the best part is, you’d make a very pretty sight dancing the night away in them.

    Fab fringe dresses by Gucci (Spring 2012)

  5. Quilted and Plaid– Ok, so we can do without jackets during the holiday season because it’s still so hot in the Philippines, but quilted fabrics still appear on other articles– like minis, sheath dresses, and tote bags.  As for plaid, there’s something distinctly Christmas-y about it and I just love it!  Wear a plaid headband with a basic dress, or a white polo with a plaid mini, or a plaid dress with neutral shoes and bag for a classic, preppy look.

    Metallic quilted mini. Happy holidays indeed! 😉

  6. Burgundy tones– When it comes to makeup, the Christmas season is always the time for richer, deeper hues to come out.  This year it’s all burgundy lips and short burgundy nails.  Now since your lips are remarkably darker, remember to stick with lighter eyeshadow like gold, beige and light brown.  Unless of course you’re headed to a club, wherein vampy smoky eyes will always be welcome.  Highlight the face with lots of shimmer and remember to put on lots of mascara for all the holiday parties!

    Lovin’ it girl Emma Stone’s dress, set off with burgundy lips!

  7. Sparkle– The New Year’s eve bash is where you should dress like it’s the last night of the world!  Wear crystal or studded short dresses (sequins are so last year) or mini skirts and the highest nude heels you can manage.  If you don’t want to call too much attention (a shame, really) then at least make sure there’s something sparkly in your ensemble—like a bag, your shoes, a crystal brooch or your favourite diamond jewelry.

    Now here’s a dress to ring in the new year!

  8. Jacquard– Here’s another opulent fabric making a comeback.  This season, I’m loving the jacquard prints on skirts, dresses or bags.  So very chic, so very French—as in Marie Antoinette French.  Although just make sure you don’t look like you’re wearing wallpaper by accessorizing accordingly and staying away from too many pastels!  One of my favourite holiday outfits this year (although I have yet to decide where to wear it) is a black with silver jacquard mini, to be worn with a black tank top—with or without a black boyfriend blazer.

    Khloe Kardashian in a fetching Alexander McQueen jacquard dress

  9. Oversize– We can all heave a huge sigh of relief, because the oversize trend is going strong—and that means lots of space to eat more lechon and holiday sweets!  Remember though to compensate and balance as much as possible so you won’t be perceived as slouchy.  If you’re wearing an oversize pullover or boyfriend shirt, match it with leggings, skinny jeans or a snug mini/shorts.  If you’re wearing boyfriend jeans, roll them up to your mid-calf to show off sexy stilettos and match it with a tight t-shirt or tank top. Very cool!

    Groovy baby!

  10. Loafers– As for shoes, of course the usual sky high heels will never really go out of style.  But for the casual variety, trade in your trusty ballerina flats for a pair of cute, preppy loafers.  They look perfect with shorts, cropped pants, and minis and are as adorable as apple pie.  If you want to be a little more androgynous, oxfords are another alternative—although this shoe is definitely not for me.

    YSL black patent loafers


Happy holiday dressing, ladies!  And remember, no outfit is complete this season without a warm, genuine smile.

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