The Kikay Christmas Gift List- Men’s Edition

So last week we released the Kikay Christmas gift list for the ladies—mostly because we vixens are harder to shop for! Hopefully one of those babies will end up stuffing our stockings or under our tree this Christmas *hint hint!*. This week it’s the men’s turn, and yours truly definitely had fun checking out interesting finds for them. Below are my favorites—note that these have been cross-checked by ze boyfriend to ensure they are not too…uhmm…kikay for the regular guy.
1. Grooming kits– Although the occasional five-o’clock shadow can be sexy, a full on beard is anything but. Keep that face clean and well groomed with a Braun electric shaver, for the closest, smoothest shave possible. Find it at the men’s section of Rustan’s. You can also opt for a travel grooming kit, this always comes in handy so he won’t have to think about packing toiletries for his next trip. Make sure none of it is scented or colored in any pastel hue.

Braun electric razor

Braun electric razor

2. Techie things– If your guy is a gadget geek, tickle his fancy by getting something along those lines, like Bose speakers, noise cancelling headphones, Mac contraptions, iPhone cases, and other such bells and whistles.

The ultimate dream:  Black iPad Mini

The ultimate dream: Black iPad Mini

3. Collector’s items– A lot of guys collect things, from knives to miniature cars, basketball cards to DC or Marvel comic books or action figures. Find out what it is that he lacks and try to look for it in hobby stores or online market sites. You can also get coffee table books on topics of interest, from sailing to architecture, cars, design or photography—find these at Fully Booked, National Bookstore or Cagnaan Booksales.

DC action figures

DC action figures

4. Practical knickknacks– For the reliable, practical guy, get something he would get the most use out of, such as handyman and do-it-yourself tools, a wine aerator or wine stoppers, a decanter, a backrest for the driver’s seat of the car, a sturdy director’s chair, jar openers, a universal remote control or charger, etc. Cruise down True Value or Ace hardware and you’re sure to find items of interest.

Check out this sleek wine decanter!

Check out this sleek wine decanter!

5. Sophisticates– Guys with sophisticated, refined taste would appreciate things like classic cufflinks, monogram towels or white handkerchiefs, a goose down or memory foam pillow, a plain-color silk tie, a bottle of Issey Miyake men’s perfume, a Mont Blanc pen or a really good leather wallet. I particularly like the idea of giving a wallet—it’s the one gift they always carry with them everywhere they go!

Gotta love a classic...

Gotta love a classic…

6. Sweet tooth types– There are men who absolutely love dessert, and would really enjoy a box of truffles or a batch of freshly-baked cookies or a fluffy butter-rum cake. So get your apron and inner domestic goddess ready and head over to the kitchen! Or if you can’t bake to save your life, get a classic cake from Café Georg or chocolates from Anzani.

Boxes of chocolate at Anzani

Boxes of chocolate at Anzani

7. Party animals– For men who love to party, send over a bottle of Patron, or whatever their poison of choice is—Johnnie Walker Black, Jack Daniels, Grey Goose…lots of options here. You can also pick out a set of shot glasses , a good jigger, a small disco ball with LED lights, or a book of liquor/cocktail recipes.

Patron XO Cafe.  Yummers!

Patron XO Cafe. Yummers!

8. Movie freaks– Guys are big movie fans too, although not so much the rom-com variety…so scratch your plans of giving him a DVD copy of Sleepless in Seattle or Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Go for the James Bond box set, or The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Bruce Lee movies, Hitchcock or Woody Allen movies, depending on what types of films he enjoys. You can pick out TV series too, like How I Met Your Mother, Entourage, Sherlock, etc.

The James Bond Collector's Set-- can't beat that!

The James Bond Collector’s Set– can’t beat that!

9. Sports buffs– For the big sports fans, there are also a variety of items you can get as a Christmas gift. Running gear from stores like Runnr, basketball shorts from Nike, new Pumas, golf shirts or a set of lucky golf balls, tennis or badminton stuff, or a gym bag would all be put to good use.

How about an element-shield running jacket?

How about an element-shield running jacket?

10. Kids at heart– Someone once said that all men are really five year olds disguised in a grown up body. So no matter what age, they will still enjoy toys of various shapes and sizes. For example, mugs that look like R2D2, a light saber, puzzle sets, a lava lamp, a poker set, anything to do with computer games, desktop pinball and the like are just some examples.

I want one too!!!

I want one too!!!

11. Globetrotter– Men who travel frequently would appreciate gifts like a Tumi passport holder, a travel pillow, new luggage, a waterproof case for the iPhone or camera, a digital luggage scale, a mini tripod, a set of super absorbent towels like Aquazorb, a good laptop bag from Swiss Army, etc.

Here's a sleek one from Tumi

Here’s a sleek one from Tumi

12. Mistletoe– For your special someone, this is probably all you need! Hang it over his head and pucker up for a kiss.

Too cute. :)

Too cute. 🙂

Happy holidays, everyone!


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