New Year’s Resolutions

After a long, busy holiday hiatus, it’s time to start off 2013 in fighting form! Here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions (yes, we know what yours are) and the hottest tips and trends to explore starting right now!
1. Get trim. You know you gained a tubful of lard over the Yuletide season, and it’s time to shed it all off. You also know it’s not going to be easy and every heavenly bite of that pastry/lechon/heaping buffet plate is going to come with a commensurate price in blood, sweat and tears if you want to fit into your cute little outfits again. Well the good news is, losing weight and getting fit can be a lot of fun if you find an activity you enjoy. Check out the new classes at Citigym (Waterfront Lahug, Cebu City), they’ve got group exercise classes like Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hip-hop dance mix, Cardio striptease, Belly Dancing and the latest hula hoop craze called Hoopa Gym Style. If pure yoga is more your thing, then go to the recently opened Yoga Hub (Banilad Town Center), or if dance is what makes you happy then check out the jazz, latin or ballet classes for adults at the Cebu Centre for Dance (Tango Plaza Bldg, Queens Road Cebu City). They’ve got Pilates, Zumba and Martial Arts too. So many ways to burn off those excess calories and have a great time while you’re at it!

Pilates for a long and lean silhouette!

Pilates for a long and lean silhouette!

2. Eat healthy. Aside from working out to lose weight, your general aim should be overall health and wellness. That means it is of utmost importance that you watch what you put into your body. Start 2013 by eating right… replace junk food with fresh fruits, and raid the shelves of Healthy Options for yummy organic treats. Since you’ve had your fill of all the oily food over the holidays, try to focus on getting more fiber into your system. Do a detox or a juice cleanse if you must (there are a lot of sources from the web you can look up for this but make sure you are properly supervised by a medical professional). And try that new wonderfood everyone’s talking about, Quinoa- a grain like crop used as a rice or carb substitute but is actually more protein and contains phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium. I feel better already just talking about it. Oh and before we leave the topic—it would help to get a full medical check-up too just to be able to isolate any problem areas that you need to focus on this year.

Hello everyone, meet Quinoa

Hello everyone, meet Quinoa

3. Dress for Success. Lots of people want to look better and project a better, more confident, more stylish image in 2013. And there’s nothing to stop you from getting there! Spend time spring cleaning and rid yourself of all the hideous outfits lurking in your closet. Analyze what looks best on you and invest in more of those styles and cuts. Read up on trends and stock up on useful accessories that can perk out an otherwise humdrum look. Emerald green is the color of the year—incorporate that in your wardrobe once in a while, be it through eye catching earrings or a belt, or a bag. Take a cue from Gucci and work with their black-white-gold-green palette from last year’s spring collection, it still looks awesome. And make it your mantra to dress your best no matter where you go—you never know who you’re going to meet!

Want.  Need.  Hyperventilation mode kicking in!!!

Want. Need. Hyperventilation mode kicking in!!!

4. Look Polished. Let 2013 be the year you never allow your hair to degenerate into bird’s nest-like chaos, or your skin to be more of a warzone than the Gaza strip. If you’re going to need to get up 30 minutes ahead of the usual time or sleep 30 minutes past your bedtime to ensure that, then so be it. It’s a small price to pay for creating a good first impression and looking impeccably groomed. So don’t scrimp on the products you put on your face, don’t skip your skincare regimen, and do see a good dermatologist for professional help from time to time. Muster up the energy to properly put on—and remove—makeup everyday without fail (unless you’re going to the beach). For the most fantastic facial of all time, I suggest you visit the Lohas Skincare Center (Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road, Banilad)—it’s totally worth it. Their hair treatments and salon services at the Salon Lohas are great as well, and the ladies are loving their new digital perms, volume rebonding, hair extensions, expert cuts and nail art. What better excuse to do a total pampering and revamping session right?

Ribbon cutting (aatached to the models' braids!) at the recenly opened Salon Lohas

Ribbon cutting (attached to the models’ braids!) at the recenly opened Salon Lohas

5. Handle your finances better. If you want your pockets to jingle at the end of the year then learn to get a grip on your cash flow. You should be very discriminating over what you spend on—stop wasting money on useless things and choose carefully. Appropriate a percentage of your pay that automatically gets set aside for savings and invest in financial instruments like mutual funds or equities that have a better chance of appreciating in value. If you’re going to have to buy something then focus on getting the best value and only ever buy the very best you can afford. That means you spend less often, but when you do it is well thought of. Also, look for possible options to earn more using your talents and hobbies—all your efforts will bring you that much closer to your dream house or European sojourn or future nest egg.

Dream House, anyone?

Dream House, anyone?

6. Get a life. Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once), so do it right. It’s important to savor every day as a blessing. Stop delaying your plans, do what you’ve always wanted to do, chase after your goals, take risks (with your eyes open of course), and find time to enjoy life. Pin down that vacation date, go on occasional fancy dress-up dinners, have long talks with friends (over drinks at the Scrapyard in Paseo Saturnino? —Even better). And try to cultivate activities that will nourish your soul, like daily meditation, prayer, giving back to the community through volunteer organizations, and reading. Okay just so we’re clear, reading that gossip magazine about Taylor Swift’s latest hookup does not count as nourishing the soul. On the topic of volunteerism by the way, the Junior Chamber International (JCI, formerly known as the Jaycees), is always on the lookout for new members who are interested to be more active citizens in society. Look up your local chapters in Cebu City, Mandaue, Mactan and get ready to make a ton of new friends and be a much better version of yourself.

Y.O.L.O-  hot air balloon ride in Kenya

Y.O.L.O- hot air balloon ride in Kenya

7. Watch your habits. End your bad habits pronto, like perpetually showing up late for appointments, or not planning ahead for meetings, forgetfulness (use your iPad or get a planner for goodness sake), lying, bratinella syndrome, toxic companionship, losing your temper, or being generally inconsiderate of others. You’ll find that life is so much better when you’re not running around feeling guilty or sorry all the time.

So here’s to a colourful, amazing 2013 ahead for us—with just the right amount of magic and lots of love all around. Cheers!


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