90’s Fashion

The 90s are so back!  One of my favourite decades in fashion, not so much for the styles themselves, but because I was old enough to remember and relate with this ‘revival’.  There was (the original) Beverly Hills 90210, the Spice Girls, Clueless, My So-Called Life, pre-chunky Britney Spears…and everyone was crazy about Luke Perry and Jason Priestly. Leonardo di Caprio was a gangly teen, Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone were the prettiest girls-next-door, and all the ladies wanted Rachel’s hair in Friends.  Those were the days… anyway back to fashion, better dig up those old fan posters because whatever the teen stars were wearing back then is all the rage right now!  Check if you have the following:

  1.  Printed leggings– Honestly I never thought I’d live to see the day these would make a comeback.  But you gotta admit, it actually does look cute and is such a refreshing change from the plain dark wash jeans.  These have even crossed over to the yoga world, with yoginis sporting all sorts of colourful prints while doing their sun salutes.  Wear your printed leggings with a loose white tee or a complementing plain sheer top and pointy loafers.

    This is really happening!

    This is really happening!

  2. Chambray/Denim shirt or dress– I actually loved this back then and still do!  You can wear the shirt with white shorts, black leggings or prints, or even throw it over a floral minidress.  A denim dress is really cute as well, you can dress it up with a colored belt or accessories, and wear with wedge shoes. 

    Chambray cutie

    Chambray cutie

  3. Tiny pouch– These I’m not sure how we can survive with when we’ve gotten used to lugging 5-kilo hobo bags that contain pretty much our entire lives.  But looks like we’ve got to stick to the barest necessities because these tiny bags, worn across the body or otherwise, are here to stay.  What do you really need, anyway?  A tube of lipstick or gloss, a tiny bottle of perfume, sheets of blotting paper, cash, credit card, and keys. That should fit nicely. 

    The ultimate dream:  vintage Chanel in forest green

    The ultimate dream: vintage Chanel in forest green

  4. Satchel bag– Ok if you really can’t handle the tiny bag, here’s another alternative.  The leather satchel bag is equally attractive, worn with a long shoulder strap and looks great with pretty much anything.  And of course, the plus factor is you can bring a lot more ‘survival’ items around with you. 

    Here's a cute one from Coach

    Here’s a cute one from Coach

  5. Doc Martens– Absolute coolest footwear ever.  Docs were all we lived for back then, and we wore them with pretty sundresses to shorts to leggings to minis.  So glad they’re back, and in all colors too!  If you’re a girly girl and you can pull this look off, slow clap to you.  You’re probably everyone’s crush anyway. 

    Pink Doc Martens, how about that?!

    Pink Doc Martens, how about that?!

  6. Round shades– Ok these you’ll never catch me wearing, but round shades actually look good on certain face types, like oblongs.  It balances out the gauntness of the cheeks.  Whereas round faces should really stick to the oversize squarish types.  Anyway, to give your outfit a pop of color, try blue or green or even purple.  Always nice to break the monotony once in a while. 

    Lady Gaga sporting her signature round shades

    Lady Gaga sporting her signature round shades

  7. Oversize blazer with shorts– The boyfriend blazer has been in for some time now and is showing no signs of going away in the foreseeable future.  These look great with a white T-shirt and any of the items listed above, or even cutoffs. 
  8. Loose tops– Yup, big goodbye to the body skimming shirts for now, because in the 90s everything was loose—from button downs to T-shirts to blouses.  So as not to resemble a sack, these are balanced with shorts or leggings as bottoms.
  9. Loafers– The reign of the ballet flats has declined, and now loafers are the must-have shoes for the season.  Some varieties are called ‘moccasins’ because of the fringe and ribbon that make them look native American, and some loafers have been decorated with embroidery, or spikes and studs.  Choose whichever you like, you can’t possibly go wrong with this style. 

    Totally cute Tod's loafers

    Totally cute Tod’s loafers

  10. Faded or ripped jeans– My mom hated this trend because it looks ‘untidy’.  And yeah, it kinda does…but that was the 90s, minimalism and grunge were in as a reaction to the extreme and excessive 80s.  So yes, exchange your usual dark wash jeans or jeggings with the acid wash variety, or sport those ripped jeans with your Loubotins.  It’s time for something different! 

    Celebs in ripped jeans

    Celebs in ripped jeans

  11. Thick Fringe– As for hairstyles, the fringe is definitely back in demand.  It adds an air of mystery and sophistication and makes one look instantly stylish.  However, it does not suit everyone so make sure you try the look online first before getting your hair chopped off!  If you realize it’s not for you, you can opt for side bangs or layers instead. 

    Shannen Doherty (aka Brenda Walsh) of 90210 and her fringe

    Shannen Doherty (aka Brenda Walsh) of 90210 and her fringe

  12. Layered bracelets– In the 90s we had bracelets for everything.  Woven friendship bracelets, bracelets with block letters spelling out our names, gold bangles, charm bracelets, the works.  Now they’re also in vogue, with every brand from Tory Burch to Hermes carrying a different variety– and the way to wear them is to stack them up along with a gold watch.  It adds so much character to a plain outfit and is super fun to put together. 

    Love 'em!

    Love ’em!


So there’s our top dozen!  Happy cruising, girls.


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