Fall Fashion 2013

All women who love to shop are familiar with the name Neiman Marcus, the American luxury specialty department store that houses many of our favourite brands.  An establishment since 1907, it’s been the go-to source for all things fabulous, and even comes out with a much-coveted “His and Hers” fantasy gift catalog for Christmas—featuring everything from a Chinese junk boat to a 24 karat gold plated toilet seat to his and hers hot air balloons.  Seriously!

Anyway, one of my favourite sites to visit to check for upcoming trends is the Neiman Marcus website, since they have such a good selection of everything from clothing to shoes, bags and accessories.  As of my last visit, it’s autumn fashion that’s all the rage—and considering the cool weather we’ve been having lately, it’s a pretty good fit and we can look forward to a fresh new season of fashion starting now till the year ends.  Here’s their It List, see if you’ve got everything ticked off:

  1.  Violet Femmes– This time of year, the fashion pallete turns towards the rich and deep:  Plum, Bordeaux, and for 2013, violet is the shade of choice. Labels like Michael Kors, Jason Wu, Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana have come out with their collections and Grimace would be pleased.  Everything, from booties to dresses, to bags now come in his color!  This shade looks best with gold accessories like a chain belt or chunky necklace, as well as other jewel tones.  You can also sport a bright fuschia lip which works really well with a plain violet top or dress.  

    Gorgeousssss booties by Sergio Rossi

    Gorgeousssss booties by Sergio Rossi

  2. Rocker Chic– Last weekend while getting dressed to hit a new bar in the city, I decided to take a break from my usual lady ensemble and wear something more living-on-the-edge.  So out came the black jeans, the cut out booties, the studded tank and a black throw.  And I must admit, it felt great to add variety to the looks I can successfully carry off!  Usually we tend to gravitate towards the same types of things but it’s fun to mix it up once in a while.  Spice up your wardrobe with studded tops or loafers, chain accents, and lots of black.  My absolute favourite item from this trend?  The Giuseppe Zanotti Star-Detail Suede Cage Bootie-Sandal.  Soo gorgeous!  Close second would be the Valentino studded shoes or clutch.   

    Another drool worthy shoe!  Giueseppe Zanotti star booties.

    Another drool worthy shoe! Giueseppe Zanotti star booties.

  3. Red: The New Neutral– So the months of autumn all the way up to December are not the best time to wear light colors like beige or tan.  Everything’s opulent this time of year and you should start dressing accordingly.  Use red as your new neutral, and wear it plain with nude heels, or for a stark contrast accented with black or dark gray.  But remember, if your outfit is all red (or any other super bright warm color like tangerine), stay far away from red lipstick and nail polish or other red accessories.  Restrain yourself, darlings!  Over the top was never attractive.  

    Miranda Kerr in a little red dress by Herve Leger

    Miranda Kerr in a little red dress by Herve Leger

  4. Animal Magnetism– This is one trend that will never really go away.  But it’s worth a special mention since this fall, there’s a fresh new batch of animal print loot coming our way from Gucci, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera, Christian Louboutin, Burberry, DVF.  Using a plain/block color (i.e. red, violet, royal blue or any of the neutrals), pick out one animal print accent (i.e. belt, shoes, cuff, clutch) and work it like a rockstar.  Emphasis on the word ONE.  Please don’t layer animal prints unless you want to look like roadkill. 

    By Gucci.  Rawr!

    By Gucci. Rawr!

  5. Boys Town– Speaking of stepping out of our usual comfort zone of the sexy femme, how about trying a little bit of androgyny?  Plaid blazers, smoking slippers, straight cut trousers, derby flats, men’s dress shirts, oversize pullovers…perhaps not worn altogether but enough to change your look dramatically.  I was never attracted to anything cut like menswear, but then recently I realized that it’s the fact that you can still look all woman even in androgynous clothes that makes it interesting.  After all, one doesn’t need to be decked out in skintight everything nor show too much skin to look attractive.  Heaven forbid people should think you’re trying too hard!  Dress chic and smart, and work on your humility and strengthen your character, and then you’ll be alluring. 

    These smoking slippers are adorbs!

    These smoking slippers are adorbs!

  6. Lace Noir– Always the material of choice for elegance, black lace is a success about 99% of the time.  The 1% is for when you wear black lace with a lining other than beige or black.  This fall, pick a LBD in lace and you can wear it for years to come.  You can also go for black lace shoes to set off a basic black dress or formal trousers.  As in all our previous items, don’t overdo it.  Only one lace item should be worn in the whole ensemble…and, since it’s so ornate already, keep your hair sleek and straight and your jewelry to a minimum. Then accentuate with red lips and long, thick lashes for full effect. 

    How's this for elegance?  Kate Middleton in Temperley

    How’s this for elegance? Kate Middleton in Temperley

  7. Pointed Toes– If in the last couple of years the rounded toe has taken center stage in the shoe arena, we’re now seeing pointed toes coming back in a big way.  Admit it, it was always more flattering anyway—your legs look a mile long and there’s just more oomph to the whole look.  Take a peek at all the new styles of Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Valentino or Saint Laurent and enjoy what you see! 

    Prada Spazzolato T-strap pumps

    Prada Spazzolato T-strap pumps

  8. Scaled down handbags– Mini everything is a must-have right now.  Ergo designer brands have issued a mini version of all their popular styles, such as the mini Saffiano Lux tote bag from Prada, the mini City bag from Balenciaga, or the Y-Ligne Cabas mini bag from Saint Laurent.  Cute and just as drool worthy as their larger counterparts! 

    A YSL mini in the season's hottest hue

    A YSL mini in the season’s hottest hue

To see more, visit the Neiman Marcus site at http://www.neimanmarcus.com.  Toodles ladies, till next week!


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