It’s An App World

I was never really a techie girl- it takes a while for me to get the hang of new gadgets and technology, and I usually wait a few months to hear about my friends’ experiences, pros and cons before jumping into the bandwagon.  What can I say, prudence is a virtue? 

However, getting an iPhone about 2 years ago was truly a revelation and I wish I’d done it sooner.  I was a Blackberry user for many years and it served me well especially for business/email purposes.  But the iPhone made me feel like I was living in the dark ages before it!  Everything is so easy and fluid, and except for the pitiful excuse for a battery life, I have no other complaints.  This phone hardly ever leaves my hands, and I don’t see how I can ever go back to a non-Apple gadget.

The best part about it are the awesome apps that have enhanced my life in so many ways.  Here are my favourite Kikay apps—check if you have them, and go install them if you don’t!

  1. Pinterest–  This is still a social media tool, but I love it for its ‘vision board’ features.  You can use it to create pegs for your ideal living space, outfit ideas, travel shots, party plans, beauty guides, and much more!  You’ll get lots of nifty new ideas from all over the world, from what to do with extra wall space or how to maximize storage, what to wear with red jeans, places to see in Osaka, how to plan a nautical party, steps for creating a smoky eye, and countless other possibilities.  My current studio is a result of hours of research on Pinterest on how to do French décor—from the damask sheets to the Tiffany blue walls, black and white furniture and white curtains.   And thanks to all the pegs and tips, everything turned out gorgeous!  You’ve got to try it and see what you can do with all your ideas.  
    My Pinterest board for a nautical themed family reunion

    My Pinterest board for a nautical themed family reunion

  2. Spotify– As a music junkie with a ‘life soundtrack’ always playing in my head, this app is a total dream.  It has music for every conceivable mood and occasion, from lazy Sunday mornings, romantic jazz for two, rainy nights, songs to sing in the shower, a roadtrip playlist, getting over a hangover, total melancholy, a girly sleepover, dinner parties, even sounds of nature to help you sleep better.  Absolutely awesome!  The selection is great and they even recommend songs they think you would like based on the playlists you follow.  It’s like you have your own pocket DJ!  This one’s a keeper.  
    One of my favorite playlists on Spotify

    One of my favorite playlists on Spotify

  3. Flipboard– For those of us who are too busy to chase after different magazines of different themes to read on what’s new, Flipboard is the answer. It collects articles on whatever topics you choose– such as News, Design, Style, Travel, Food, Photography, Film—and organizes it like one virtual magazine that you can flip through at your convenience.  So now I don’t need to worry if I can’t find this month’s issue of Vogue or what the Huffington Post is up to, or CNN breaking news, because it’s all there at the tip of my fingers, and I can read up on all of these updates while waiting for a flight, while stuck in traffic, or while queueing wherever.   Ain’t life grand?  
    Read up on all the topics right up your alley on Flipboard!

    Read up on all the topics right up your alley on Flipboard!

  4. Snapguide– You must all know by now that I am addicted to lists.  ‘How to- anything’ is my catnip.  So imagine my delight when I discovered this app called Snapguide which basically has everything on any topic!  It can teach you how to make a mean margarita, a Christmas wreath, French toast, get rid of garden weeds, makeover your bathroom, make treats for your dog—absolutely anything and everything under the sun!  I can’t tell you how happy this app makes me.   It’s like a life hack right inside your pocket, and it allows you to try out lots of different things.  How can it get any better than this?  
    Want to make rockstar popcorn?  Check out Snapguide!

    Want to make rockstar popcorn? Check out Snapguide!

  5. My Fitness Pal– For Kikay girls trying to trim down or training yourself to eat healthier, this is the app for you. My Fitness Pal can help you monitor the calories you’ve racked up for every meal, the number of glasses of water you’ve consumed, the exercise you’ve done, plus other ‘diary’ entries to help you track your progress towards an ideal goal weight.  For example, you have a goal of losing 15 lbs and your rate is at 1 lb per day for the next 2 weeks.  The app then tells you what your recommended calorie count per day is, and if you’ve gone over it from munching on that extra chocolate bar or eating 2 cups of fried rice (guilty!), it tells you how many calories you need to shave off via exercise to get you back on track.  It’s really easy to use and helps remind you of your goal—so you’re that much closer to achieving your Miranda Kerr beach body in time for next summer!  
    Your pocket fitness pal keeps track of your calories, exercise and breakdown of food groups!

    Your pocket fitness pal keeps track of your calories, exercise and breakdown of food groups!

  6. PS Express– Ever get that perfect photo composition but just can’t get the lighting right?  Hello, photoshop!  This app helps correct your photos and enhance the overall appearance better than your average Instagram filter.  You can manually adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, tint, or temperature of the photo.  You can also convert it into a sketch, use soft focus to have a blur effect, or auto-enhance the photo.  It can also remove the red eye effect.  Now you can have gorgeous, Instagram-worthy pictures! 
  7. Tripadvisor– For the Kikay girl who loves to travel, this app really comes in handy.  Tripadvisor gives you recommendations of hotel and restaurants in virtually any country, complete with reviews and ratings, photos and maps to help you make the most out of your trip and avoid costly mistakes.  You can even reserve and book at restaurants, flights and hotels, find cool places to check out, or get answers to specific travel questions you might have.  Plus you can even use it on offline ,mode so you don’t need to spend on expensive roaming charges while you’re abroad (if there’s no free Wifi).  Genius!  No need to do all the research by yourself on Google as it’s all stored in just one place.  So whether you’re off to Machu Picchu in Peru, some fun in the sun at Mykonos, living the dream in Paris, or skiing in Gstaad, this is the app for you! 
    Wondering which restaurants to check out in Amsterdam?  Tripadvisor!

    Wondering which restaurants to check out in Amsterdam? Tripadvisor!

  8. The 7 minute workout– If you don’t believe you can get all the exercise you need in a day in just 7 minutes, and if you always whine that you don’t have time to get fit, this app will prove you wrong.  The 7 minute workout is composed of 12 high intensity body exercises at 30 seconds per exercise and 10 seconds rest between exercises, designed to get your blood pumping and give you your cardio boost of the day!  It gives you instructions on how to do each exercise correctly and times the whole workout.  From jumping jacks to wall sits, push ups, ab crunches, step ups, squats, tricep dips, planking, High kicks, lunges, side planks, etc, this app has got it all for you (and yes, you can do all that within 7 minutes)!  Don’t push it if you get dizzy the first few times, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it.  Here’s to healthy hearts!
  9. Duolingo– Have you always dreamed of learning another language? Try the Duolingo app.  I’m using it for Spanish and it’s causing all my memories of summer classes and foreign language electives in college to come flooding back.  It’s really easy and interactive, and uses a combination of writing, speaking (yes it asks you to pronounce words and reply in sentences and records your answer) and comprehension for learning.  You’ll be able to speak basic sentences in no time—and I suggest you book a trip and practice talking to a cutie you meet along the way to really test if it’s effective!
  10. Perfect 365– This app works for vain Kikay girls who want to look polished in every photo that appears on social media.  The app can help you lengthen your lashes, improve the texture of your skin, and even apply a full face of makeup (from lipstick, blush to eyeliner!) so you look more put together in the photo.  Just be careful though because enhanced photos can actually look pretty obvious… and fake is not what you’re aiming for!  Use sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.  In fact—if it’s not your best picture, why even post it?  
    Sometimes all you need is a little digital touch-up!

    Sometimes all you need is a little digital touch-up!

So there are my top 10 apps.  Hope you ladies (and even some gents) get to use these and max out your day to day lives.  Cheers to technology and all its wonders!


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