All About Shopping!

As a self-proclaimed ‘veteran’ shopper, I have always preferred one-of-a-kind or specially made items that tell a story, instead of heavily mass produced things.  I love visiting souks and markets, and scouring different places for customized or monogrammed products.  I also enjoy buying things that are locally made in order to support our own talents and small enterprises, because they truly are world class.  Today I would like to showcase some vendors that I’m sure you’ll love.  Check these out:

  1. Oliver and Maude–  Being a truly stylish person goes well beyond the clothes, shoes, or accessories that you wear, it should also reflect in your living space.  When I first discovered O&M on Instagram, I could have sworn I was palpitating.  Beautiful monogrammed glassware, wooden cheese trays, vanity trays, gold-plated napkin rings, uniquely printed linens, and other such treasures abound–and I want them all!  Everything is just so elegant and well-made. Soon you could be sipping your drink from a glass etched with your family name or initials, and adorned with designs like swans or whatever you choose from their catalogue.  You could be serving canapes on your personalized wooden board.   It’s a brilliant gift for anybody, but most of all for yourself.  Check out oliverandmaude on Instagram for ideas, and email to ask for their catalogue and order slip.

    My beloved Oliver and Maude monogrammed vanity tray!

    My beloved Oliver and Maude monogrammed vanity tray!

  2. Whisk Designs– I do love a handwritten note, most especially one on high quality monogrammed cards. Whisk designs has lovely paper products, from personalized notepads to gift tags and note cards.  What I love the most are their botanical art designs, featuring orchids, calla lilies, and tropical flowers.  With cards this beautiful, you’ll be inspired to keep the art of letter writing alive.  Check out whiskdesigns on Instagram, and you can email for inquiries.

    In love with these Orchidea correspondence cards from Whisk!

    In love with these Orchidea correspondence cards from Whisk!

  3. Sepa Cebu– This one is a real success story, and proudly Cebuano too.  Back when I was starting my term as president of the Zugbuana Jaycees, we asked Sepa’s Dianne Espera to create a unique brooch for all our incoming officers, to set off a midnight blue gown we wore for all gala events.  She came back with a lovely silver brooch that looked like a delicate snow flower that we all loved and wore with pride.  Ever since then, I’ve been an avid fan of Sepa’s creations.  From colorful earrings to custom-made wedding jewelry, bold statement necklaces, and the adorable Tretora bracelets featuring animals and gemstones, she just manages to outdo herself every time.  Shop sepacebu on Instagram, or you could also email for more information.

    The gorgeous tretora bracelets from Sepa. Proudly Cebuano! :)

    The gorgeous tretora bracelets from Sepa. Proudly Cebu made! 🙂

  4. Anthill Fabric Gallery– What makes an item worth noticing is how it was made and where it is from.  When you wear an Anthill skirt, painstakingly made from weaves of indigenous tribes from as far away as Abra, you are supporting our own culture and history, while looking stylish and contemporary.   I’m totally in love with my pink ‘tapis’ miniskirt, and whether you choose the ‘tagpi’, ‘tupi’, ‘panyo’ or ‘pamaypay’ style, you carry with you our Filipino pride too.  Wear them  with  black tube or a  plain white tee to set off all the colors.  Anthill also has handwoven bowties, neckties, dresses, shawls, shorts and accessories.  Check out anthillfabric on Instagram,, and

    Collect all of these beautiful handwoven skirts from Anthill Faric Gallery

    Collect all of these beautiful handwoven skirts from Anthill Fabric Gallery

  5. Suelas– I’m a big fan of nice flats.  You can shop in them, sightsee in them, work in them, and still look totally chic.  So Suelas is one of my favorite vendors too, as they’ve got everything from ballet flats to strappy sandals, and lately the tasseled loafers I’ve been obsessing about.  The designs are awesome, you’ll want to collect everything they have!  Check out suelasonline on Instagram, or visit their store at the 2F New Wing of Ayala Center Cebu.

    My current favorite-- tasseled metallic loafers from Suelas

    My current favorite– tasseled metallic loafers from Suelas

Enjoy your shopping, ladies!  Till our next tete-a-tete!


One thought on “All About Shopping!

  1. A word of advice from my traumatologist: Wear low heels (2 inch, 5 centimeters) at least twice a week. Forces your spine to stretch by changing the gravity center. There are some really comfy and low heeled fab shoes! Do your spine a favor!

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