Summer Ready!

It’s one of the hottest summers we’ve had in decades, and I’m not just talking about the weather!  Summer trends are sizzling, and with all the beach trips everyone is planning to go to while the sun is out and the waters are blue and beckoning, it’s definitely time to update our wardrobes.  Here are Kikay’s  ten top trends for a fun and fabulous summer 2015:

  1. Kimono cover ups– Japan is the new Hong Kong for Filipinos, and I can’t count how many cherry blossom Instagram photos I’ve seen on my feed!  This oriental fever is translated to summer clothing via silk kimono cover ups in florals and fringe.  These are best worn over a swimsuit, or a little cropped top and denim shorts.  So breezy and bohemian!

    So 'donyatic'!

    So ‘donyatic’!

  2. Fringe– Speaking of fringe, this wild western trend is still everywhere, from bags to sandals and skirts!  Just take a basic summer outfit in florals, gingham, chambray or plaid, match with one fringed article, and you’re good to go.

    You too, Chanel?!

    You too, Chanel?!

  3. Cuban hat– While wide brimmed hats are undoubtedly glam and very golden age chic, there is something cute and cheeky about wearing a white Cuban hat with your shorts, tank and bikini. Match with trusty aviators and you’re totally ready for your summer close up shot.

    Miranda Kerr's summer look

    Miranda Kerr’s summer look

  4. Leather accessories– If espadrilles were so big last year, it’s leather sandals taking the cake this summer.  Of course, you can go with the classic Birkenstocks, but you can also work this look with old school leather sandals.  Check out Suelas or the Sandalist on Instagram for these on-trend items.  You can wear these with anything from girly sundresses, pleat skirts, jumpsuits, or an all white ensemble.  Other popular leather accessories are bracelets and mini messenger bags.  Wear these and you’ll shave off maybe 10 years from your actual age (provided you’re over 25).

    Yes please!

    Yes please!

  5. Braids– I used to love wearing braids to school, and continued to do so until the middle of senior year.  Now this hairstyle is back in all its glory and worn every conceivable way, from up-dos to headband style, French braids, fishtails and the like.  You can find easy-to-follow guides for creating these styles on YouTube.  How did we ever get things done without the Internet?!

    Golden girl blake Lively looking fresh in her summer braid

    Golden girl blake Lively looking fresh in her summer braid

  6. Crops and cutouts– Yes, summer is definitely the time to show a little more skin.  Since the 90s and early 2000s are all the rage, then tops are getting tinier and shorter, and are worn with high waist jeans, shorts, and skirts.  Cut outs, even in formal evening wear, are also totally on trend.  Well, if you’ve got it then flaunt it I always say!  That’s extra motivation to hit the gym and do your daily 100 sit-ups.

    I woke up and it's 1990!  Shailene Woodley at the MTV video music awards

    I woke up and it’s 1990! Shailene Woodley at the MTV video music awards

  7. Deconstruction– It’s a very casual and cool season, which is the perfect time to get away with deconstructed items. Jeans, especially white or acid denim ones, look extra edgy when distressed.  Denim shorts are mostly also cut-offs, as well as reinvented t-shirts just like those that became so popular out in the streets during Sinulog.  That movie Zoolander was truly prophetic—Derelicte (or a more sophisticated version, at least) is super cool!  And yup I hear a Part 2 is on its way.

    Totally girl crushing on Olivia Palermo!

    Totally girl crushing on Olivia Palermo!

  8. Trendy eyewear– Upgrade your boring wayfarers and aviators with some color this summer.  Look for wayfarers with colored frames, and aviators in metallic blue, green or red.  Of course you could also go with the ultra fabulous Prada baroque sunnies, or the very cool wooden frame shades.  Of course, when out swimming it’s best to keep your precious sunglasses safely tucked away while you use plastic oversize ones for the meantime.  You could secure them around your ears with an elastic band to keep them in place.

    Love these bamboo shades!

    Love these bamboo shades!

  9. Colored hair– Highlights are always popular during the summer, but make this the year you go for a little more adventure.  Why not try ombre tips, or some colored hair chalk for pink or green highlights a la Katy Perry?  Whatever you decide to do, avoid going jet black because it’s way too stark a contrast.  Loose waves are preferable as well over stick straight.  Leave the severe look for a gloomier climate…the tropics is the place to be right now and you might as well match the mood!

    How sweet is Emily Blunt's ombre bob?

    How sweet is Emily Blunt’s ombre bob?

  10. A tan– C’mon girls, give that Glutathione, kojic acid and all those whitening creams and concoctions a break.  It’s time to go out and celebrate your true color!  Get a tan (provided you wear sunscreen) and let out your adorable little freckles.  Do you have any idea how much people in Europe or the US spend on tanning salons and tanning lotions, while we scurry away from the sun trying our best to look like Snow White.  There’s a disconnect here somewhere.

    I'm not a fan of Kim K but her skin color totally rocks.

    I’m not a fan of Kim K but her skin color totally rocks.


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