Rocking Rainy Days

We are, my friends, experiencing the last of the scorching heat waves this summer has brought us.  If you have lived it up (as you should), your skin should be pretty tanned by now, your smile bigger, your heart lighter– and you’ve soaked up enough sun, sea and good vibes to gear up for the rainy days ahead.  Now it’s time for ‘regular’ programming—school starting, work resuming after all those sojourns out of town, and so on…but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!  Here are some suggestions for rocking your rainy days:

  1. Keep color in your life.  You may not be prancing around in a bikini but you can always still look bright and vibrant with bold colors and prints.  There are many ways to inject color into your wardrobe—use a fun umbrella, dress up an outfit with a striking cardigan or parka, wear that bright pink lipstick, accessorize with a pretty scarf, or keep wearing your tangerine or lemon colored bag.  You’re sure to be a sight for sore eyes, no matter how gray the weather is outside.

    Literally carrying sunshine around :)

    Literally carrying sunshine around 🙂

  2. Use patent leather and jelly shoes. If you think your shoes will be exposed to some sprinkle, patent leather is the way to go—it won’t absorb water as fast and is easy to wipe off as soon as you find cover.  Sure beats getting canvas or certain types of leather shoes all soggy the whole day.  The same thing applies with jelly sandals and flats–just make sure you don’t run as you might slip on wet floors!

    The Tory Burch jelly Reva flats

    The Tory Burch jelly Reva flats

  3. Whip out the jackets. It’s a whole new season to experiment with your clothes and bring out your favorite jackets!  There’s the hoodie, the bomber jacket, the short trench, the denim jacket, the parka…the list goes on and on.  Go ahead and pretend every day is a fashion show!   Time to take your Doc Martens out for a spin too, they look totally cute with a dress and jacket.

    The boots and leather leggings aren't necessary here, but that jacket I love. :)

    The boots and leather leggings aren’t necessary here, but that jacket I love. 🙂

  4. Overhaul your makeup. Embrace the new season with new colors.  Put away the bronzer for now and focus on fresh pastels, or a mod look.   Contouring is gradually phasing out, and ‘strobing’, or highlighting certain areas with an iridescent cream, is the new rage.  Then wear sweet blushes and glossy lips (or bright red matte lipstick) and you are all set to bloom your way through the showers and thunderstorms.

    All I want for Christmas is MAC strobe!

    All I want for Christmas is MAC strobe!

  5. Have a ‘night in’ instead. If it’s too much hassle to go out, find parking, and walk all the way from the car to wherever you’re meeting your friends, why not host a mini party indoors instead?  Just order pizza, bring out the Cranium or Taboo board game, uncork the wine, or watch some cheesy DVDs.  Nothing fancy, but sometimes just the right amount of fun.

    Another super fun party game.

    Another super fun party game.

  6. Make a rainy day reading playlist. Delicious rainy nights call for staying curled up in bed with a good jazzy playlist and an equally good book.  Add a cup of fragrant tea or hot chocolate and you’re in heaven.  Spotify can help with the playlist, and as for books…to each her own, of course, but I would like to recommend “Hector and the Search for Happiness”.  It is just so charming and you’ll surely be happier for it.

    Read this!!!

    Read this!!!

  7. Experiment with your hair. Keep things interesting with a variety of hair experiments, because keeping it loose may get a bit complicated in this humid, moist, or rainy weather.  Try out neat braids, a high ponytail, or a ballerina bun.    Don’t use a lot of product, the last thing you want is for all of it to get matted in and make strands look greasy.  If you must let your hair down, use your hair straightener and some hairspray (or better yet, get a Keratin treatment).   Good luck to all of us!

    Kate Bosworth and her ballerina bun

    Kate Bosworth and her ballerina bun

  8. Wear more dresses.   It is so not fun to be moving around in drenched jeans!  Dresses keep your legs bare, so you won’t have to endure wet fabric for long.  Also, always keep a stash of tissues and wet wipes in your bag to remove any raindrops or traces of mud.

    There's a reason she was called Queen B.

    There’s a reason she was called Queen B.

  9. Enjoy indoor activities. Since you’re staying in a bit more this season, why not bake some cookies and smell the aroma of yumminess all over your house?  You can make it a fun activity you’re your mom, your friends or your kids.  If baking is not your thing, you can also try art or crafting.
  10. Dance in the rain. I remember this quote:  “Life isn’t just about weathering the storm, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”.  So despite things not quite going your way, keep moving, keep trying, keep praying, keep living, and keep finding ways to be happy.  That’s the best thing you can possibly learn, regardless of the season.  Dance

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