Let it Snoe!

I’ll let you guys in on a secret. In all my years of road testing and experimenting on all sorts of beauty products and cosmetics, one important realization I made is that the price or origin of an item has no direct correlation on its quality or performance. I’ve found that sometimes, drugstore brands do a better job than very luxurious, high-end items, and more importantly, that local products can also very well out perform its imported, more established (and more expensive!) counterparts.

Forgive me for getting all choked up, but I just watched the movie Heneral Luna and part of its effect on me is the desire to give justice to our own products, our own entrepreneurs, our own businesses, which provide jobs and livelihood to our fellow Filipinos. *By the way please find a way to watch this movie if you haven’t already.

Enter Snoe, a local cosmetic brand that has been my favorite for years now. My relationship with this brand started when I was walking by its stall at a mall in Manila and caught sight of the packaging of some of their items. They had a cheeky, retro feel to them, with clever puns too and I thought to myself, ‘this must be a new foreign brand’. I ended up hoarding lots of stuff, from the Hair Heroes shampoo, the Beauty Sleep soap, the detox whitening clay mask to name a few…and imagine my surprise when their perky salesperson told me that it was all local! I was so happy and proud that such a brand exists that we can call our own (and a little jealous that I hadn’t thought of it myself, hahaha). So anyway, I was really impressed with their products so I have remained a loyal customer since. Here are some of my must haves:

  1. Hair Heroes Shampoo in Drunken Master– Since I have slightly problematic hair that becomes weighed down and lifeless by midday, this really did the trick for me. It has beer hops (I’m guessing that’s why the pun Drunken was put in), barley, apple cider vinegar and egg white. Zero sulfates. And the effect of all these is to purify and clarify your hair from product buildup, mineral deposits, residue and excess oil so that it becomes healthier, shinier, and enables other products to be absorbed better. I use it at least once a week or a little more frequently when my hair looks dull and lifeless. For those who have oily scalps or lackluster strands–highly recommended indeed.  3-Hair-Heroes-Drunken-Master-Creme-Wash-with-Beer-Hops-+-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-+-Barley-+-Egg-Whites-400x400
  1. Hair Heroes Intense 5-in-1 Conditioner– Personally, I find anything with Moroccan argan oil in it is worth its weight in gold. This one is a fantastic product that brings back the shine, fixes damage and split ends, and does a multi-purpose job as a cleansing or rinse-out conditioner, a deep moisturizing hair mask, a leave-on detangler and even a shaving cream. It is especially beneficial for those with colored, permed, rebonded, or chemically treated hair, and can also lessen hair fall. What more can you ask for in a conditioner?   1-Hair-Heroes-Intense-Argan-5-in-1-Cleansing-Conditioner-400x400
  1. Snoe White Soaps– Oh we’ve got lots of choices here. There’s a soap with intense glutathione. There’s one with citronella. Another that exfoliates with oats. One with licorice. And yet another with Kojic acid. It’s pretty much a whitening cocktail meant to lighten bothersome dark areas in your skin. Let me clarify, I do not necessarily advocate whitening as a means to ‘beautify’. Real beauty is loving the skin you were born with. However, if you have areas you need to ‘work’ on, like underarms, elbows, knees, groin, etc—any of these whitening soaps would work like a charm.  snoe white
  1. Eau La La Magical liquid cream– This one is a cream that turns into liquid so it’s quickly absorbed by the skin. It can brighten, revitalize, and fade out discolorations or spots because it’s got chia seeds and prune extract– a strong anti oxidant that protects against free radicals. Plus, being a moisturizer, it makes your skin more supple and less fatigued. Try it and after about a week of consistent use, you really will say ‘ooh la la!’  eau-lala-without-bg-309x400
  1. OMG Energy Facial Scrub– If you’re one of those people that drag their feet in the morning, wishing you could snooze just a few minutes longer (like me), this facial scrub is just what you need to perk up! It has micro-circulating action that increases cell energy levels and enhances your radiance and glow, even after a long night out. Ingredients include mangosteen, minerals and baker’s yeast. So whenever you need a zing, this facial scrub is definitely the thing.  omg
  1. Here Comes the Sun Block– It ain’t summer anymore but we still need to use sunblock every day, because yes the harmful UV rays can still penetrate our skin through the clouds (umm..duh) and cause wrinkles, dark spots and discolorations. This lotion is a strong SPF 45 and contains turnip (as in singkamas). It moisturizes, protects against sun and UV damage, and works as an anti-oxidant. I usually hate sunblock lotion because it’s so heavy and oily, so I was quite happy to discover that this lotion uses a non-grease, paraben free formula. I like the size that fits nicely into my handbag, and they have it in a 100ml size too. Remember that commencement speech that vent viral in the 90s… forget everything, just trust me on the sunblock.  2-Here-Comes-The-Sunblock-Instant-White-SPF45-with-Bengkoang-300ml-400x400
  1. SABStance High intensity Blush– Ok, everybody needs a little ‘tickled pink’ moment, but you can create the look yourself with this powder blush. Complete with Amazonian clay, Pomegranate, Acerola cherry and Acai berry extract, and created by the internationally trained makeup artist, beauty blogger and you tube makeup adviser Sabs Hernandez, you’ll love the natural ‘blooming’ look it gives you. My shade is X2 Patience, what’s yours?



  1. Rouge deluxe lipstick– Not only does this lipstick give you rich color and a buttery crème finish, it also works as a complete lip care product because it contains argan oil, sunflower, macadamia, grape seed, avocado and rosehip.   So while making you look pretty, it also nourishes, revitalizes and softens your lips to be extra…ehrm…kissable!  rouge
  1. Super Fresh Dry Shampoo- On those days where your hair just feels extra limp, or a bit greasy from the humid weather, this dry shampoo with sage and peppermint can breathe life back into your crowning glory.   You can throw all your ponytail holders and bad hair day disguises away because from now on, every day is going to be a best hair day!  dry shampoo
  1. Make Out Cleansing Oil– After a big night out with heavy makeup, smoky eyes, the works… the last thing you want to do when you get home is wash off your makeup. Plus since a lot of that stuff is waterproof, you’ll need to scrub extra hard to get the gunk off your face! Very bad for the skin. This cleansing oil is a total blessing because it literally just melts the makeup while you lightly rub it on your face, then you can wipe it all off and go to bed. The next day you’ll wake up with clean, soft skin (and clean pillows too).  makeout

That wraps up my Snoe top 10! Check out their whole product list at www.snoebeauty.com and rush over to the Snoe store at the 2nd Floor, New Wing, Ayala Center Cebu and at Metro Gaisano. You can tweet me your favorites too @miazamora116. Here’s to beauty, and to fabulous Filipino ingenuity.


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