The 2015 Kikay Gift List

I’m back from the Big Apple and crashed right into the holiday madness in the Philippines– land of the 10,000 Christmas parties, with matching gift exchanges, out-of-this world traffic jams, sudden typhoons, and a major, major Miss Universe soap opera brouhaha. What a fabulous welcome home!

After shopping for all your friends and family, the long list of godchildren, office colleagues, service people, manitos and manitas, and everyone else in your NICE list, don’t forget the most important person of all: yourself! It has, after all, been quite a year—you’ve worked hard, made friends, achieved big goals, weathered storms and sorrows—and you do deserve a reward.

Here is a list of what every Kikay girl wants to find under the Christmas tree or inside her Christmas stocking (there’s still New Year’s if you didn’t make it to Christmas Day!).

  1. Rouge Louboutin– This lipstick must have made a record beeline at the top of every glamorous gal’s must-have list the very second it came out. With its sassy packaging and traffic-stopping colors, it’s just irresistible. You’d have better luck ordering online though, it was sold out in every store I visited!

    Rouge Louboutin

    If this ain’t love…

  2. Marc Jacobs Decadence– Have you ever seen a perfume bottle so gorgeous you would pounce at it without even knowing what it smells like? This baby is one of them. In a brilliant shade of green straight out of Emerald City, a gold chain and tassel, it’s pretty enough to carry around on a fierce night out. And the fragrance? Sensual, luxurious, and woody, with a scent of Italian plum. Gotta get it.


    I need you in my life!

  3. Naked 3– We all know Urban Decay’s Naked 1 and 2 became cult favorites, and it’s likely that you have either one (or both) in your makeup arsenal case already. But check out Naked 3- sweet and sophisticated, its palette is perfect for everyday (or day to night) use and brings out a flirty, feminine glow.


    Tickled pink!

  4. Nike Flyknit– This is the perfect pair to inspire you to whip your derriere into shape for a fit and healthy 2016. I’m not a sneaker person at all but even I gasped when I saw these. Lighter, faster, gorgeous and functional, it comes in a variety of colors and even has lunar (glow in the dark) ones. Totally worth the splurge!


    Stop and stare!

  5. A Luxe Robe and proper lingerie– What better way to relax towards the end of 2015 than to turn your home into a spa and slip into a comfy satin (or terry) robe, light up the scented candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, and listen to a bit of jazz? No really. Pajamas, tank tops and boxers are cute for a 14 year old. Time for an upgrade.


    Off to bed in style

  6. Coffee Maker or Juicer (whichever applies)– Ensure great mornings the whole year through by investing in either a great coffee maker for that perfect brew, or a juicer for all the detox days you intend to have—and probably need!
  7. Anything Bespoke or Monogrammed– There is nothing more ‘special’ than something made especially for you! Whether it’s a monogram pendant, stamps, stationery, towels, trays, glassware, cheese boards or other essentials, you’re off to a classy start with these. Check out the Customized Chic page on Facebook or Oliver and Maude on Instagram for the best items I’ve seen so far.
  8. Activity Tracker – Help yourself (or a dear friend) jumpstart a healthy lifestyle with a Fitbit tracker or the Nike Fuel + Band, which can count calories, monitor exercise and activity, food, weight and and sleep– thereby promoting weight loss and overall well-being. Make 2016 all about becoming a better version of yourself!


    Get movin’

  9. Anything community related– Here’s the gift that keeps on giving! Get yourself and your best girls items made locally, to uplift and support our own communities. They can be food items (check out the Echo Store for lots of great ideas), personal care (like Human Heart Nature), home cleaning essentials (Messy Bessy), clothing and fabrics (Anthill), and so on!
  10. Art– Want something that will last forever and will always make you happy and proud everytime you see it? Then go buy art. You will never outgrow or tire of it, and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to choose. I am particularly proud of my lovely friend Golda King, who recently held her solo exhibit here in Cebu, and whose works are the latest buzzword in the Philippine art scene. Visit some of our galleries in the city such as Qube or 856 G for amazing finds!


    Speaking of art, why not make some yourself?

  11. Kim K’s waist shapers– If you would like an hourglass, Jessica Rabbit-meets-KimK-figure, the secret, apparently, is a latex waist shaper. Wear it over a tank top while working out, or under your regular clothes the rest of the time, and enjoy two inches or more immediately off your waist!



  12. A Kindle, or lots of books– Make a list of all the books you would like to read in 2016, and make sure they’re not just the romance or chick-lit kind. Balance out biographies with management/leadership books and some interesting fiction, plus perhaps a bit of self help, and you’re set. Some suggestions: ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek, ‘Strengthsfinder 2.0’ by Tom Rath, and ‘The Good Girl’ by Mary Kubica.
  13. Apple x Hermes watch– Okay, we are talking about Apple, one of the best, most tech advanced companies in the world. And Hermes, the supreme deity of leather goods. They have created a watch together, which not only tells time, but pays for bills, keeps you in touch, monitors activity, plays music, greets friends on their birthdays, and performs many more wonders. This is one of those things that remind you that you’re totally living in the Future. I wish I could rush back and tell my 10 year old self about it!

    apple-and-hermes-unveil-luxurious-takes-on-the-apple-watch-01-570x905-378x600 (1)

    Talk about form and function!

  14. The Chloe Drew bag– I do not have enough superlatives to describe this year’s ultimate It bag. It can go from day to night, is fancy enough to catch attention yet classic enough to remain relevant for years and years to come. Very, very gorgeous. It’s just that it costs and arm and a leg, but yes, this baby is super worth it.


    This makes me want to cry!

  15. A Dog– If all you want for Christmas is pure, unconditional love—get yourself a dog. It’s the best way to practice giving love yourself, as well as responsibility. I’m all about Boo the adorable Pomeranian, but my mother had other ideas and came home with an Ewok. Nevertheless I love the little monster to bits, and waking up to his little barks and waggy tail is the best part of my day.


    Meet my very own Ewok! 🙂


Merry Christmas and a fun, fabulous 2016 to all of you Kikays out there! Cheers!


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