Trend Alert

It’s officially the first day of summer in the US and several countries in Europe.   That means, of course, that store racks are about to get a total overhaul of new loot for us to lust over! It’s a lucky thing that considering the monsoon season is upon us, it remains warm enough in the Philippines to follow the latest trends.

I’ve never really considered myself a trendy person—my wardrobe remains pretty much the same year in and year out in terms of basics—but it’s also important to do some seasonal updates in order to remain current.   A blouse here, a pair of trousers there, a statement shoe perhaps, and you should be good to go. Be on the lookout for these items and incorporate them into your outfits in the next 3 months:

  1. Off-shoulder and drop-shoulder tops– They’re everywhere! Whether via billowy blouses and ruffles, or tight and cropped, the common theme is the exposure of the shoulders and collarbones. Thank goodness puffed sleeves aren’t part of the equation (yet), or I’d really think we are in a time warp. I love this look, it’s both feminine and sophisticated. You can wear them with anything too, from trousers to shorts, skirts to jeans.


    Olivia Palermo slayin’ again

  2. Cropped wideleg pants– This cut looks relaxed and quite chic. It also looks great whether you’re tall or petite. Just make sure you wear it with a small fitted top, nothing oversized in order to balance out the proportions. White is a good, fresh choice for this.


    Kendall Jenner looking oh so fresh

  3. Block heels– Say sayonara for the meantime to your pencil-thin stilettos, because it looks like the block heels are here to stay. Not quite as chunky as I remember them from the 90s, but still. That should be a relief for your poor feet, tired of teetering precariously with such little support.


    Aquazzura nudes

  4. White t-shirt and summer dress– Oh, how I loved this back in my tween years. A plain white T-shirt worn under a spaghetti strap floral sundress, whether short or long. 90s kids, do you still remember this? Extra chick points if you wear this whole ensemble with a pair of Doc Martens boots.


    Oh hello, 90’s Drew Barrymore!

  5. Long skirts/palazzo pants– Yes, you can breathe easy because the bandage dress and supertight micromini trends from a few years back are definitely over. Hemlines are long and forgiving these days, via long or midi skirts and wideleg palazzo pants. Pencil skirts are still on point, as long as they are on the knee.


    Amal is perfection head to toe!

  6. Lace up sandals and tops– If you haven’t gotten your hands on a pair of lace-up flats or sandals yet, you must have been living under a rock or something. These babies are all the rage, giving sort of a hybrid ballerina/gladiator vibe. Recently, tops and dresses are also featuring deep v-neck lace-ups– very sexy indeed.


    Jimmy Choos… I die!

  7. Knit crop tops– Here’s another major blast from the past. High neck, tiny little knit tops that show a flash of tummy. Not exactly for the faint of heart, but if you’ve got abs and a small waistline, by all means flaunt it!


    Ugh Taytay I hate you but I love you…

  8. Overalls and jumpsuits– Ok sorry but I will not be caught dead in denim overalls, unless I’m painting the walls of my room or something. Nevertheless, overalls are ‘in’, and have been sort of reinvented too. If you want to wear this trend, choose the non-denim variety, or opt for a jumpsuit instead. They also come in wideleg and cropped styles.


    Alessandra Ambrosio in overalls… hmm I think I’ll reconsider…

  9. The usual supects- Every summer, know the drill: stripes, florals, checks and ginghams will be about and about. So the usual suspects are back this year, but given a bit of a bohemian flavor. Embroidery is very, very in demand this season too. Celebrate being a girl, eh?


    The Gucci Dionysus bag– cue drooling now!

  10. The half bun– In terms of how to do your hair, change things up a bit and wear it in a half bun (also known as ‘hun’). It’s simple, just tie your hair in a half ponytail then twist the upper portion up in a bun, securing with elastic and hair pins. Young, fresh and current. Isn’t that what we all aspire for?


    Riri’s half bun- peg!


That rounds up our top ten for the season! Have a blast, fellow kikays. Don’t let the rain get in the way of living a colorful life.


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