Beauty for Sale

Mid-kikay conversation with friends, someone piped up that the only reason anybody is ugly these days is that they’re lazy.   I couldn’t help but laugh—how true indeed! There’s a solution out there for every malady, and any ‘ugly duckling’ can transform into an exquisite swan.   Just look at the transformations of certain showbiz personalities and you can see that nothing is impossible with the help of science. We ended up talking about and comparing treatments, some based on our own experience, some based on what we’ve seen on others, and here’s the round up of the best ones we’ve tried:

For the Hair:

  1. Keratin Treatment- If you have dry, frizzy, stubborn hair and keep going to the salon for blowouts when you want to look good, this treatment will be nothing short of a miracle. It infuses keratin back into the strands so the result is shinier, stronger, perfectly put together hair all the time. Most top notch salons offer this treatment, and yes it can be quite costly—but it is worth it if it means months and months of ‘good hair day’ everyday.


    Straight, glossy hair 24/7

  2. Digital Perm- If your hair is flat, boring and lacks body, a digital perm on the ends can give you a whole new look. You’ll come out sporting sexy, effortless waves and a big smile. It lasts quite long too, even more than a year for some, or until you cut your hair.


    Fancy these curls?

For the Face:

  1. RadioFrequency Facial– If your issue is a round face and you want to create a tighter, more contoured shape– aside from a low carb diet, this is the way to do it. RF is a non-surgical method of tightening loose or sagging skin, especially on the cheeks, mid face, jaw line and neck. It is best for those in their mid 30s to 50s who don’t need or want a surgical face lift. The procedure is quite fast, and there is no downtime too. For some, results can be seen even after the first treatment, while for others it takes about 3-5 successive treatments spaced a month or so apart to see a noticeable difference. There is also a more advanced version of this treatment, mostly known as Thermage or Ulthera, which can significantly ‘melt’ away fat on your cheeks and give you that elusive V shaped face.


    Official photo from the Thermage site

For the Skin:

  1. Fractional Resurfacing– If you have acne scars and craters, large pores, and chicken pox marks, this treatment is for you. It ‘burns’ the skin surface with light, allowing new skin to grow. The result is shallower acne scars, diminished dark spots, and less visible pores. You will need some down time though, because you emerge from it with a very red face, and in the next few days there will be quite a bit of peeling that occurs. Nothing you can’t manage with some cream concealer and powder, and definitely worth it in terms of what your skin will look like after a couple of sessions.


    See the difference!

  2. Glutathione– I am all for loving the skin color you were born with, and if anything—the Miss Universe title of our bronze goddess Pia Wurtzbach proves that you do not need to be fair skinned to be beautiful. However, there are such things as uneven skin tone and discolorations, which glutathione can correct. Now, some glutathione products come in the form of soaps and creams, some are ingested via tablets, but the most immediate results come from the IV glutathione which is injected directly into your bloodstream. 10 vials plus a corresponding dose of Vitamin C will give you a significant ‘glow’ noticeable in person and on photos, and can also lighten dark areas such as elbows, knees, underarms, etc. You will need to maintain it though to keep the results, and of course as with all other treatments, make sure to consult a doctor first before taking anything.

For the Teeth:

  1. Teeth Whitening– Nothing ages the face more than having yellow, coffee-stained teeth! One of the best things you can ever do for your general appearance is to work on a megawatt smile. You can see your dentist for a professional whitening treatment, which can make your teeth several shades whiter. If you want a less extreme version, use one set of Crest whitestrips once a year along with its corresponding whitening toothpaste. Another option as a home remedy is to make a paste out of baking soda and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and apply it onto your teeth with a Qtip, keep on for about 10 minutes, and rinse off. Be careful not to overdo this though as it can make your teeth extra sensitive and even brittle.


    Crest whitestrips FTW

For the Eyebrows:

  1. Microblading– When I was about 10 years old, I remember watching my mom get her eyebrows tattooed. Sure, the result was nice for a time but after a few years the tattoo turned into some kind of strange bluish color that she needed to cover with brow pencil anyway. These days, the ultimate eyebrow treatment comes in the form of microblading, which requires extensive training to perform. Basically they resurrect your eyebrows by tattooing individual hair strands onto them, looking completely natural and perfectly shaped afterwards. I just had them done, and despite the two days of itching and peeling eyebrows, I am totally over the moon with the result. Finally, no need to draw on or powder on my eyebrows! And yes, your eyebrows make a world of difference because they frame your face. Just look at the 1990s version of Drew Barrymore’s eyebrows versus today and see for yourself!


    Here’s the before and after of microblading.  Awesome work!

For the Eyes:

  1. Lash extensions– I don’t know how a few extra hairs on the eyelid can completely change a person’s appearance, but they definitely do. Having thicker, fuller, upturned eyelashes give you a pretty, feminine look—so much so that you can even skip eyeshadow and eyeliner altogether! Try out a lash extension service, where they individually glue on every strand of hair onto your eyelid, lasting about 3-4 weeks. Be careful not to rub your eyes or expose them too much to water, and just fan your eyes when they sting from the glue. Also, moderation is key—ask for a length close to your original lashes so they look natural instead of costume-y.


    Yup, doll eyes it is.

  2. Colored contact lenses– Many of us were born with very dark eyes, and we wonder what we would look like with different eye colors like blue, hazel, green, or gray. Luckily we can now try them all on thanks to colored contact lenses! Make sure you always wash your hands carefully when you handle them, and never fall asleep wearing them. Replace disposable contact lenses on their due dates, and clean and store them properly after use.


    Or try a Kate Bosworth and wear one hazel eye and one blue eye.  So pretty!

For the Lips:

  1. Permanent Lipstick– If you have very pale or discolored lips (from smoking, etc), there’s a solution for you too. A lipstick tattoo! The procedure entails tattooing your color of choice onto your lips, so you literally eat, drink, swim, sleep, and wake up not having to worry about looking too pale or having to apply lipstick every hour or so. Yes, those who have undergone this have said that it hurts quite a lot, but for the convenience it brings afterwards, they would definitely do it again.


    What a semi-permanent lipstick tat looks like


As a last word of advice—make sure you only see licensed, professional practitioners for all of these treatments and procedures! Never mind if it costs a bit more, as long as you’re sure it is safe and effective. Also, remember that any ‘beauty’ these treatments bring are only skin deep. They help boost your confidence and self esteem, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But more importantly, work on the beauty that goes beyond what the eyes can see. Character always far outweighs appearance.



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