Happy Kikay Halloween!

Ah…the familiar sight of plastic jacko’lanterns, rubber ghoul masks, black cloaks and the grim reaper. Halloween is definitely coming for us in a few days, and that can only mean one thing: an excuse to parade around town in costume! From what I hear, Cebu will be hosting lots of awesome spooky parties, so why not join the fun?

If you did not plan your Halloween attire ahead of time (tsk tsk), there’s hope yet. Here’s a list of easy, fun, unique and definitely Kikay-approved costumes you can whip up in a flash and does NOT involve body paint.

  1. Esmeralda (the gypsy)- For this you’ll need a white ruffled off shoulder blouse, a long flowy skirt, a colorful scarf worn as a headband, large gold hoop earrings, gold bangles, and a lot of bronzer. Easy peasy! Plus points if you have a tambourine lying around somewhere.  esmeralda-the_hunchback_of_notre_dame-2
  2. Daenaerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)- If you want to be the Mother of Dragons, you’ll need a light colored flowy dress (the more cutouts the better) and a silver or white blonde wig. Go the extra mile by adding hazel contact lenses and some plastic dragons clinging on to you.  daenerys-targaryen-house-targaryen-28964959-994-1498
  3. Carrie– For once, not Bradshaw. I’m referring to Carrie, the prom queen turned mass murderer from the 1976 movie. You’ll need a spaghetti strap light pink satin dress, a crown, and a little bouquet. Push this look further by splattering red paint all over yourself… oh well, I did say no body paint but it’s always an option!  carrie
  4. Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)- Audrey Hepburn at her prime, and so easy to do too! You just need a little black dress, preferably boatneck like hers, do your hair in a bun, wear a little tiara and rope pearls. A pair of glam shades and gloves, and you’re perfect.  holly-golightly-breakfast-at-tiffanys
  5. Mary Poppins– Something I’m sure you never considered, but quite simple too. Just wear a white collared long sleeve shirt, a black swirl skirt, a red bowtie, black stockings and heels, a black fedora hat and bring a big black umbrella. And keep saying Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!  mary-poppins
  6. Marilyn Monroe– White halter dress. Short blonde wig. Red lipstick. One million bonus points for a portable electric fan for that windblown skirt effect. Why have     I never thought of this before?!?    marilyn
  7. Morticia (or Wednesday) Addams– For Morticia, just wear your hear long, black and straight and parted down the middle, red lipstick, smoky eye makeup, and a long, slinky black dress. Make sure your foundation is very pale, and your eyebrowns are drawn like Bette Davis. For Wednesday, do low braided pigtails and wear a white collared shirt under a black sweater and skirt. Match with black stockings and Mary Janes.  morticia-addams-morticia-addams-11657423-622-343
  8. Cher Horowitz (Clueless)- Oh, my absolute favorite from this list. Put on that little red mini dress, grab a white feather boa, wear your red stilettos and voila! All done. If you still have your old cellphone from the 90s, (yes the one with the antenna), that would totally complete this look.  clueless-4-glamour-25feb14-rex_b_720x1080
  9. Queen of Hearts– Yes, there is a toned down version of this costume- you don’t have to look like the Helena Bonham Carter incarnation. Wear a red or black bustier, a red or black skirt, black stockings, a gold crown (with red paper hearts on it), and paint a red heart on your cheek just like I did a couple of years back. You can also keep yelling ‘Off with her head!’ randomly the whole night.  shoes
  10. Barbie or Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)- If you have a blonde wig, pink lipstick and hot pink articles of clothing, that’s actually all you will need. Now to find Ken….  elle-woods
  11. Sandra Dee (Grease)- If you have zero fat, this look is perfect. Black off shoulder top, black jeggings, a black garter belt, red heels, and curly teased hair.   The tighter the outfit, the better.  sandy-danny-grease
  12. Queen Amidala (Star Wars)- Before you recoil at the thought of that alien geisha costume, let me clarify that we’re talking about her desert outfit instead. For that she wore a plain white long sleeve pullover, white jeans, white boots, some sort of white cape- a blanket would do for this-and a toy space gun. Then wear your hair in a bun. That’s all there is to it. amidala
  13. Red Riding Hood– You will need, uhm, a red hood. Then wear a white/black/red country dress, white tights, and carry a picnic basket.  red-riding-hood
  14. Lara Croft (Tombraider)- Always a classic. Black tank top, the skimpiest black shorts you can manage to pull off, long braided hair, a holster, and a toy gun. Oh, and that infamous Angelina Jolie pout. tomb-raider
  15. Mime– Missing Paris? You can dress up as a mime for Halloween instead. Wear a black and white striped shirt, a black beret, black leggings, ballet flats, suspenders, white gloves, and an excessively white face. Still missing Paris? Yeah, can’t help with that…  mime
  16. Britney Spears– Oh the possibilities!!! You can be Britney in ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’, Britney in ‘Slave For You’, Britney in ‘Oops I did it Again’, or even Britney in ‘Toxic’. Of course the first one is the easiest, you’ll just need a white long sleeve polo, a plaid or pinstripe pleated miniskirt, a gray cardigan, black thigh high stockings, and those furry pigtail puffs.  britney-spears-baby-one-more-time
  17. Cleopatra– For this you will need full bangs, loads of eyeliner, a white flowy dress (the blanket will still do here), lots of gold accessories, and about 4 hunky guys to carry you around everywhere. Why not, right?  cleopatra
  18. Cindy Crawford– My 90s girl crush! To channel your inner Cindy Crawford from the iconic Pepsi ad, you’ll need volumizing hairspray for that sexy, tousled, I-woke-up-like-this look, a plain white tank top, denim shorts, silver hoop earrings, a can of- duh- Pepsi, and smoldering eyes.  cindy-crawford
  19. Minnie Mouse– If you have a black and white or red and white polka dot dress or playsuit, this is your chance to wear it. Just add Minnie Mouse ears, use your eyeliner to paint on a little black nose and slip on red (or yellow) shoes and you’re ready to go.  minnie-mouse
  20. Betty or Veronica (Archie Comics)- If you’re going out with your BFF why not do Betty and Veronica? One of you needs to be in a blonde wig with girl-next door clothes, and the other gets to wear long black hair, full bangs and any vavavoom minidress. If you manage to find a redhead, freckly boy to hang with, even better. betty-and-veronica


See? Lots of ideas right here! Take your pick and have a fabulous, un-spooky Halloween weekend.


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