Out With The Old

Fashion trends, when they’re hot off the runways of New York, Paris or Milan, are awesome. It’s fun to see either something totally new and different, or a genius, fresh twist on something we’ve seen before. Suddenly it’s all we can think of wearing or getting our paws on.  No night out, fancy date, or social event seems as fabulous unless you can appear in whatever Kendall/Kylie/Gigi/Kaia was wearing on IG.

However, when trends hit the mainstream, they become accessible to literally Everybody, so much so that knock-offs from China are flooding market stalls everywhere from Greenhills to Quiapo (trust me, I’ve seen them). Then these knock-offs are purchased by online sellers and boutique owners, and pretty soon you’ll see the designer duds you busted your behind to pay for parading down the street, worn by everyone and their mothers. That means you need to do yourself a favor and try not to be caught dead still wearing these things. Take a deep breath, thank the item for the good times it brought you, and safely tuck it away, or donate it somewhere coz you’ve moved on, baby girl.  Just like your last relationship, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if an item is from last season, last year or last decade- as long as it is original and uncommon, and something that enhances your appearance and personality. Never go for run of the mill fads–let’s leave them along with the last of the dwindling fireworks of 2017 and look forward to better things.

Here are the top items of the things that have got to go this 2017:

  1. Cold shoulder and off shoulder blouses– Ok, it’s been 3 years. Can we perhaps try wearing something else now? Something sleeker, simpler, less poufy, less ruffly? I’m all for femininity, but you gotta admit the Chiquita Banana look just isn’t cutting it anymore.


    Jourdan Dunn looking as ‘meh’ as her blouse

  2. Ruffle skirts– Same goes for these. Striped, gingham or plain cloth draped into these ridiculous ruffle skirts. It was fun for a while, especially when worn with a plain white T-shirt and white sneakers, but yeah we’re over these too.


    This look has got to go

  3. Tassel and over the top dangling earrings– Once again with the Caribbean feels. Fresh, tropical, colorful, and so totally dated to Summer 2017. Look around you—everyone is still wearing them (and that’s not a good thing)! Give your poor earlobes a break and switch back to real jewels, por favor.


    If I see another pair of tassel earrings I’m going to scream

  4. Super ripped jeans– Cringe cringe and triple cringe. I must admit I gave this trend a real whirl, I practically lived in my ripped-on-the-knee distressed jeans for a few months. They’re comfy and casual. But it’s time to stop pretending I’m part of Zoolander’s ‘Derelicte’ squad and start wearing my classic, dark rinse pair of skinny jeans that can go from day to night again.


    What were we thinking?

  5. Fake logo tees– Have you seen those white T-shirts with the Dolce and Gabbana logo and embroidered sequin flowers and stuff on them? Yeah?   Or the black tee with the Gucci logo and graffiti? Darling, the original ones cost over Php 20K. So unless you really have the moolah to splurge that amount of money on a trendy white T-shirt, don’t ever consider wearing the fake version. In fact, the sad part is, even if you DO have the original, it’s been copied so extensively that everyone’s going to think you bought it in some back alley in Shenzen.


    Yes I’m referring to this  shirt and other logo tees

  6. Scarf used as headband– Yes, I know we island people love to say that summer lasts forever. But uhmm… it doesn’t. And neither does the appeal of these little scarves that we’ve been tying on our heads all year. Functional and fun, but once again- very seasonal. Remember the headband trend that Blair Waldorf made popular on Gossip Girl seasons 1 and 2? And how ridiculous she looked still wearing them when she went to university? Yup, it’s exactly like that. Certain things, we must outgrow.


    Eeek!  Get that thing away!

  7. Chokers– Black leather or lace chokers were all the rage in the 90s, and along with the whole 90s comeback these past couple of years they were an interesting wardrobe addition, but that’s enough. We can’t relive the glory days of Liv Tyler and Winona Ryder any longer.


    Fun while it lasted

  8. Bomber Jackets– I did love this, especially the satin and embroidered version, but it’s just been made in every conceivable material and print that it’s become so common. I don’t think this trend will last much longer. Hang on to your jacket for a literal rainy day, but don’t count on it as a fashion statement.


    Yeah, that was a good run…

  9. Denim Overalls– Not sure I understand how this piece wormed its way back into our closets as it does not really look good on anyone.   If you actually bought one (bless your optimistic soul), keep it for wearing around the house when there’s home improvement work to do, or maybe when you’re walking your dog down the street, but nothing else.



  10. The Valentino Rockstud and the YSL Tribute- Yes, I really said that. And it does kinda hurt to utter these words, because I loved both these shoe styles so very, very much. But they’ve both had their run for yearssss, and sometimes, things we love just have to die—especially when there are horrible look-alike versions being sold in department stores and ‘tiangges’ everywhere. They’ve lost their appeal completely and make you look so basic that it won’t even matter what you wear them with. Time for a cool change, chicas.  rockstud


So that rounds out my list of the Top 10 Trends that we can’t take with us to 2018. But the memories? For sure.  Here’s to an even more amazing year, in fashion and in everything else.  Happy New Year, kikays!




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