Wardrobe Resolutions

Ok ladies, January is over and February always goes by in a flash. How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018? I’m willing to bet you’ve broken about half of them (yeah, no carbs no sugar…what was I even thinking?), and haven’t even started on the other half.

Well, there’s still 11 months left this year and there’s no time like the present to be a little better than you were yesterday. So I came up with a list of wardrobe resolutions that can help make our lives a bit more interesting and our days a lot more colorful. Here it is—hope you decide do this with me!

  1. I will revamp my work look. That means avoiding the dreary black and gray, ‘safe’, ‘boring’ office outfits. Whoever told you that you can’t or shouldn’t wear vibrant colors in a corporate setting? Imagine how much brighter you’ll look in florals, pastels, a solid purple dress, or even in all white with an eye-catching accessory or silk scarf. Experiment with different styles as well instead of the usual plain Janes of work clothes. If you want to stand out, dress like you mean it baby!


    Miranda Kerr looking annoyingly perfect while visiting the Vogue office

  2. I will add ‘oomph’ to my nights out. Yes, the little black dress always works but c’mon…give it a little more effort and range, no matter what your age. Use attractive accessories and a fabulous purse, or a rockin pair of heels. Wear red lipstick even if you’re having a low-key dinner. Be up for anything, and life will reward you with the most amazing adventures.


    Take a cue from lady of the moment Meghan Markle!

  3. I will look great in the winter. As in—I will find a way to travel to some cold country just so I can wear my coat, wool scarf, cashmere sweater, leather gloves and glamorous boots. That’s one thing I really look forward to, experiencing 4 seasons and the attire that comes with it.

    Olivia Palermo seen wearing a green coat and white turtleneck dress in Brooklyn,New York

    If only we could all look as fab as Olivia Palermo in the winter

  4. I will look cute at the gym. Even if you’re just going to work out and grit your teeth through those crunches, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good. With the emergence of such fashionable workout clothes from our best-loved brands, it’s almost enough to motivate someone to work out every single day! (Take note I said almost). It’s true though—you’ll look forward to spending more time at the gym, yoga studio or spinning club if you actually dress up for it instead of using ratty old t-shirts and boring leggings.


    Yeah if I had Kendall Jenner’s bod I’d go out in my gym clothes too

  5. I will stay true to my personal style. Don’t force on outfits that don’t suit you and the kind of lifestyle you have, just because it’s what you see in the magazines. That way, you’ll always feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in your individuality.
  6. I will know my body type. By now, you know what cuts and styles look good on your frame—what types of necklines, what types of sleeves, the length of the skirt, the cut of the pants, and, for Goodness’ sake, the correct size of clothing to wear! Use all that information and build a wardrobe exclusively meant to make you look only your very best every time you step out of the house!

    body shapes

    Which one are you?

  7. I will not wear too many trends at the same time. It is 2018 and you know what fashion roadkill means. Usually, elegance means simplicity, classic lines and pieces, with a personal twist. What it is not is trying to copy celebrities, TV stars , or passing yourself off as an ‘influencer’ of sorts, wearing all kinds of tacky branded stuff all at once.
  8. I will dress up for the airport. You never know when you’ll be upgraded to first class darling, so be prepared. Do not wear a track suit, slippers, or generally look like you just rolled out bed, unkempt hair and all. Traveling is a privilege—look the part.

    victoria beckham

    Here’s Victoria Beckham at LAX with an actual BABY.  Now that’s #goals!

  9. I will personify resort chic. Yes, the beach is a great place to let loose and wear comfortable clothing, but hey—that doesn’t mean ripped up cut-offs and tacky tie-dyed T-shirts are automatically acceptable. Upgrade your resort chic look into light, breezy dresses, maillots, printed playsuits, silk cover ups, a wide brimmed straw hat, and fabulous sunnies. And don’t forget the sunscreen!


    Ushering in the summer with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

  10. I will ‘own it’ this year. Make a declaration that this is the year you are going to put yourself first. No more putting up with negative, toxic people and situations – nothing but good vibes and well-being. Therefore, if it means you need a little more time and effort to take care of yourself, get some pampering, upgrade your wardrobe, give yourself the treats you undoubtedly deserve, then so be it. You are unique, special, irreplaceable–a veritable goddess. Make sure you believe it and own it.


If you’re asking me, 2018 with its superblue blood moon is looking superfine already.   Prepare for all the wonderful surprises coming your way!


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