Ready, Jetset, Go

Travel has never been as in demand as it is today. With all these new apps that make looking for great deals on flights, hotel accommodations and restaurants a breeze, not to mention conveniences like Airbnb and Uber, plus the extra lure of social media…yup, everyone is off to someplace all the time.   I can’t begin to describe the benefits of seeing a new country, meeting some of its locals, eating their food, hanging out at their hotspots, listening to their language and music. It’s like a dose of magic, every single time. But travel comes with its own set of hassles too. There’s airport security, damaged/lost luggage, screaming children on board, and so on. The last thing you need is to have packed incorrectly, too. So here’s a list of all the things you need to acquire for flawless looks, all year long:

Cold Weather:

  1. Winter coat- You need a nice, thick winter coat in a neutral color like black, Beige, Gray or Maroon. Yes, of course you can wear those lightweight goose down jackets if you want to look like a marshmallow in your photos, but that’s up to you. In my opinion, there is nothing more elegant than an impeccably fit wool coat, worn with boots and your favorite bag.


    Wine not?

  2. Beanie- I know this isn’t a flattering look for everyone, but you will not survive winter (or even autum) without a beanie. Your tropical body is going to shrivel up and catch a cold, thereby ruining your vacation. Choose a legit thick wool beanie that matches with most of the clothes you’re taking with you.


    It’s not going to look funny when it’s zero degrees out

  3. Gloves– My mom used to tell me a story if the little match girl, and it was so tragic that I’ve always brought gloves with me whenever I travel, just in case. Knit is nice, but leather is extra sleek. They even look fabulous on their own, sitting next to your purse and sunglasses.


    Very Duchess Kate

  4. Knit scarf- When it’s cold, always keep your neck covered. Silk, floral scarves look nice in the spring, but get a wool /cable knit scarf for autumn or winter. And learn how to put them on stylishly too, not just hanging around your neck. When the weather gets warmer around midday, you can take the scarf off and just layer on as needed.


    I adore knit scarves!  

  5. Thermal wear- Somehow, the cold manages to seep through your outerwear and into your bones, and feeling cold equates to feeling miserable. Wear a long sleeved thermal top and thermal leggings under your clothes and you’ll feel nice and toasty all day long.
  6. Boots- I know all about how great athleisure looks, and how much more comfortable sneakers are for travel—but c’mon, you gotta admit a pair of tight, knee high boots makes everything sexier. Suede is ok, leather is best. Get boots in black or dark brown. Ankle boots are having a moment, but knee high is a classic, and will keep your legs warm.


    So. Totally. Fabulous.

  7. Leather jacket- Ah, the look of a real leather jacket. I had to emphasize real because those synthetic ones fall apart after a few uses and you end up leaving embarrassing trails of peeling faux leather everywhere. Wear your leather jacket with jeans or black leggings, boots or sneakers—you’ll look cool no matter what you do.
  8. Sneakers– Ok fine, when the boots become too painful to walk around in, sneakers are the next best option as long as you have thermal socks. In my opinion there are only 3 drool worthy ones—Nike Flyknit, Adidas NMD, and Stan Smith.   You can have your own favorites, as long as they are comfy!


    Stan Smiths at winter, digging it

  9. Neutrals– Yeah, don’t take your entire closet with you even if you are tempted to do so. It’s not fun lugging several heavy suitcases around Europe. Stick to neutral clothes you can wear multiple times on the trip, and mix and match. Bring clothes in wrinkle free fabrics, and choose your most reliable favorites—now is not the time to break in a new outfit that might be uncomfortable.
  10. Trench coat- What’s a spring or autumn without a classic beige trench coat? Choose one of high quality that you’ll get to wear for years and years to come.


    Karlie Kloss in a Burberry trench


Warm weather:

  1. Swimsuit– This is pretty much all you need for a resort getaway. Pick swimsuits that flatter your figure and stick to that style. And please, don’t swim in anything else. As in, no t-shirts in the pool. And rash guards are for the actual sea/surfing or watersports, so don’t wear them to the pool either.


    Red hot in a red maillot

  2. Sarong– You need to own at least one beautiful sarong that can be worn different ways—as a drapey bottom for your swimsuit, or a dress. Kaftans are optional, sarongs are a must.
  3. Wide floppy hat– How else are you going to keep the sun from turning your face into a raisin while you’re out parading on the beach?  dnd
  4. Hollywood shades– Here’s a trick for keeping them on even while swimming: tie them to your ears with a rubber band. They’ll stay secure while you float away on your inflatable flamingo, sipping a pinacolada and waving at your admirers.
  5. Flowy dresses– For post swimming lounging, comfortable flowy dresses or floral rompers are the outfits of choice.


    A fresh take on banana leaves

  6. Strappy sandals– The usual flipflops are cute, but take the glam up a notch by wearing strappy rubber sandals from Ipanema or Grendha instead. Not only are they unbelievably comfy, they’re also gorgeous.


    I can’t live without these sandals

  7. Bronzer– The glutathione white look does not belong at the beach. You must glow like the goddess that you are! And for that, you’ll need tanning oil (do not skip the sunblock though) and lots of bronzer. You think J. Lo ever wanted to look like Snow White?


General stuff:

  1. Passport/document holder– I can’t even remember traveling without a passport holder and document pouch. It keeps everything organized, from boarding passes and whatever, plus it looks really good. Plus points if your passport holder is monogrammed or personalized, on genuine leather.


    Kate Spade

  2. Multi currency wallet– This helps a lot too. On one side you have your pesos, on the other, the local currency of your destination. There can even be a third zipper for the ‘in between currency’, like US dollars.   A coin purse comes in handy too so you can keep all the coins there and use them for taxi change, metro rides and other small purchases.


    For an OC girl like me!

  3. Carry on bag– I know it’s easier to just pack everything into the large suitcase, but you really do need a carry on, cabin friendly bag that has some toiletries, a change of clothing, your travel documents and other essentials juuuust in case they misplace your checked-in luggage. Plus points if your carry-on is part of a luggage set- that means you are fabulous. Oh, and use a combination padlock at all times.


    Bric’s Luggage Set


To all you globe-trotters, jet-setters, wanderlust-ers or whatever you want you call yourselves these days, have a great trip!


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