Kikay: 15 Years of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

Dear friends, I am soooo soooo happy to share this dream come true with you. “Kikay”, the column I’ve been writing on Cebu Daily News these last 15 years (essentially this blog), is going to be turned into a BOOK!!! 💕 It’s going to be a compilation of some of my most ‘classic’ articles, and will cover topics like fashion, beauty, etiquette, occasions and events, and life’s colorful adventures.
Please message me on or comment below with your email address to reserve your copies ahead as this will be a limited edition printing!! Thanks, I cannottt waitttt for all of you to see it!!! Kisses from this happy girly-girl 💋

Super thank you to Bennette Alinduza , Gia Leuterio and the Think Publishing Hub team for this cover and all the work on the book, and of course my dearest Mimi LijaucoNiza Mariñas and Jet Garigade of Cebu Daily News. 💕

Check out the gorgeous cover!!!



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