Wardrobe Resolutions

Ok ladies, January is over and February always goes by in a flash. How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018? I’m willing to bet you’ve broken about half of them (yeah, no carbs no sugar…what was I even thinking?), and haven’t even started on the other half.

Well, there’s still 11 months left this year and there’s no time like the present to be a little better than you were yesterday. So I came up with a list of wardrobe resolutions that can help make our lives a bit more interesting and our days a lot more colorful. Here it is—hope you decide do this with me!

  1. I will revamp my work look. That means avoiding the dreary black and gray, ‘safe’, ‘boring’ office outfits. Whoever told you that you can’t or shouldn’t wear vibrant colors in a corporate setting? Imagine how much brighter you’ll look in florals, pastels, a solid purple dress, or even in all white with an eye-catching accessory or silk scarf. Experiment with different styles as well instead of the usual plain Janes of work clothes. If you want to stand out, dress like you mean it baby!


    Miranda Kerr looking annoyingly perfect while visiting the Vogue office

  2. I will add ‘oomph’ to my nights out. Yes, the little black dress always works but c’mon…give it a little more effort and range, no matter what your age. Use attractive accessories and a fabulous purse, or a rockin pair of heels. Wear red lipstick even if you’re having a low-key dinner. Be up for anything, and life will reward you with the most amazing adventures.


    Take a cue from lady of the moment Meghan Markle!

  3. I will look great in the winter. As in—I will find a way to travel to some cold country just so I can wear my coat, wool scarf, cashmere sweater, leather gloves and glamorous boots. That’s one thing I really look forward to, experiencing 4 seasons and the attire that comes with it.

    Olivia Palermo seen wearing a green coat and white turtleneck dress in Brooklyn,New York

    If only we could all look as fab as Olivia Palermo in the winter

  4. I will look cute at the gym. Even if you’re just going to work out and grit your teeth through those crunches, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good. With the emergence of such fashionable workout clothes from our best-loved brands, it’s almost enough to motivate someone to work out every single day! (Take note I said almost). It’s true though—you’ll look forward to spending more time at the gym, yoga studio or spinning club if you actually dress up for it instead of using ratty old t-shirts and boring leggings.


    Yeah if I had Kendall Jenner’s bod I’d go out in my gym clothes too

  5. I will stay true to my personal style. Don’t force on outfits that don’t suit you and the kind of lifestyle you have, just because it’s what you see in the magazines. That way, you’ll always feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in your individuality.
  6. I will know my body type. By now, you know what cuts and styles look good on your frame—what types of necklines, what types of sleeves, the length of the skirt, the cut of the pants, and, for Goodness’ sake, the correct size of clothing to wear! Use all that information and build a wardrobe exclusively meant to make you look only your very best every time you step out of the house!

    body shapes

    Which one are you?

  7. I will not wear too many trends at the same time. It is 2018 and you know what fashion roadkill means. Usually, elegance means simplicity, classic lines and pieces, with a personal twist. What it is not is trying to copy celebrities, TV stars , or passing yourself off as an ‘influencer’ of sorts, wearing all kinds of tacky branded stuff all at once.
  8. I will dress up for the airport. You never know when you’ll be upgraded to first class darling, so be prepared. Do not wear a track suit, slippers, or generally look like you just rolled out bed, unkempt hair and all. Traveling is a privilege—look the part.

    victoria beckham

    Here’s Victoria Beckham at LAX with an actual BABY.  Now that’s #goals!

  9. I will personify resort chic. Yes, the beach is a great place to let loose and wear comfortable clothing, but hey—that doesn’t mean ripped up cut-offs and tacky tie-dyed T-shirts are automatically acceptable. Upgrade your resort chic look into light, breezy dresses, maillots, printed playsuits, silk cover ups, a wide brimmed straw hat, and fabulous sunnies. And don’t forget the sunscreen!


    Ushering in the summer with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

  10. I will ‘own it’ this year. Make a declaration that this is the year you are going to put yourself first. No more putting up with negative, toxic people and situations – nothing but good vibes and well-being. Therefore, if it means you need a little more time and effort to take care of yourself, get some pampering, upgrade your wardrobe, give yourself the treats you undoubtedly deserve, then so be it. You are unique, special, irreplaceable–a veritable goddess. Make sure you believe it and own it.


If you’re asking me, 2018 with its superblue blood moon is looking superfine already.   Prepare for all the wonderful surprises coming your way!


In With The New

We talked about ‘Out with the Old’—or what not to wear in 2018—in last week’s Kikay. It’s tough to prune things out of your life, right? But just like spring cleaning, it is ultimately for the best. Look on the bright side! Since all that space has now been cleared out in your closet, there’s room for the wonderful things coming your way.  I’ve checked out the spring fashion shows and here are the trends that we can expect (and start hunting for) very soon.   Prepare to fall in love with these 2018 Spring must-haves:

  1. All White and Lavender. When the rest of the world finally thaws out after this bitter winter, the colors we’ll see a lot of are all white errthing, and lavender, which has replaced last year’s millennium pink. I couldn’t be happier at this turn of events, because wearing all white from head to toe always makes people look crisp, chic and fresh, and lavender (or lilac) is one of the most flattering of all the pastels. Check out styles from Zimmerman, Michael Kors, Proenza Schouler or Roland Mouret from NYFW Spring 2018.


    Love this look from Zimmerman 2018

  2. lavender

    Luscious lavender from the Roland Mouret runway

    Bold florals, Black and White Polka Dots, Plaid, Art. Florals always show up in the spring, but this year we’re expecting bigger and bolder versions. As in huge red cabbage roses level of floral. Google the images from Marni, Fendi and Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2018 shows and you’ll see what I mean. Polka dots are back too, especially in black and white. Plaid continues to be popular, and pop art/cartoon prints are all the rage as well.


    Flower power from Marni


    And here’s another from Fendi

  3. Ruching and Fringe. Goodbye ruffles, hello ruching! This is good news for us because the ruching can be used like a more comfortable corset to conceal problematic tummies, bellies, and hips, and still look ultra feminine. Examples abound from Tory Burch and Tom Ford Spring 2018. Fringe is going to be big as well, from bags to tshirts to hemlines—and you gotta admit it’s fun to twirl around like a roaring 20s girl and watch the fringes add a swing to your step.


    Gigi Hadid rockin the ruching at Tom Ford

  4. Square Neckline. Let’s try something different from the usual V or scoop neck and go for square necklines this time. It’s especially flattering for rounder faces because it creates a contrast, and is equally seductive as its more common peers, in a Renaissance, Reign series sort of way.   This neckline was spotted at Rodarte, Christian Dior and Carolina Herrera.


    It’s hip to be square at Carolina Herrera

  5. Dark Denim. Thank Goodness! We can bid adieu to the light acid wash and vintage distressed denims, and go back to being classy and fabulous in dark denims. This applies to jeans, denim dresses, and skirts.


    Super fab dark denim at Mugler

  6. Extras- Transparency, Feathers. They’re called ‘extras’ for a reason, because you’re not supposed to go overboard on these trends. We’re seeing a lot of transparency—sheer skirts and palazzos showcasing toned legs a la Fendi, clear plastic Jimmy Choos, etc. A sprinkling of feathers too, just to add life to drab outfits.


    The Sheerness of You at Fendi

  7. 90’s Oblong Eyewear. So those round shades from the early 90s are about to be replaced by the sleek oblong X-girl styles that were so popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. My advice? Get cheap ones since the trends keep changing every few months, but keep your classic aviators and Hollywood shades classy. The advantage of using cheap ones—you can wear them to the beach, in the pool, and wherever the heck you want all spring and summer long.


    From Elle.com- a rundown of the best X-girl shades (though these are NOT the cheap kind)

  8. Tailoring- Double breasted. This cut first blew up all over the place in the fall but is still super chic for spring. Go for plaid or all white double-breasted pantsuits or suit dresses to bring the power back to power dressing!


    What spring looks like at Dolce and Gabbana

  9. The Fanny pack. I never, ever thought this would happen…but yes, the fanny pack, otherwise known as the belt bag, is sooo back. And check out the designer twist to them! This is definitely the ‘it’ accessory of the year.  My drool-worthy favorites are from Balenciaga, Gucci and Rochas.


    Only Gucci can make a fanny pack look this good!

  10. Fabulous Footwear.  Hello again to the strappy, sexy stilettos and marabou slides!  It’s time to celebrate spring with festive feet, in the most eye-catching colors imaginable.  Check out these choices from Harper’s Bazaar:

    Eenie, meenie, minee…

    Here’s to lots more amazing things (besides fashion) coming our way in 2018!

Out With The Old

Fashion trends, when they’re hot off the runways of New York, Paris or Milan, are awesome. It’s fun to see either something totally new and different, or a genius, fresh twist on something we’ve seen before. Suddenly it’s all we can think of wearing or getting our paws on.  No night out, fancy date, or social event seems as fabulous unless you can appear in whatever Kendall/Kylie/Gigi/Kaia was wearing on IG.

However, when trends hit the mainstream, they become accessible to literally Everybody, so much so that knock-offs from China are flooding market stalls everywhere from Greenhills to Quiapo (trust me, I’ve seen them). Then these knock-offs are purchased by online sellers and boutique owners, and pretty soon you’ll see the designer duds you busted your behind to pay for parading down the street, worn by everyone and their mothers. That means you need to do yourself a favor and try not to be caught dead still wearing these things. Take a deep breath, thank the item for the good times it brought you, and safely tuck it away, or donate it somewhere coz you’ve moved on, baby girl.  Just like your last relationship, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if an item is from last season, last year or last decade- as long as it is original and uncommon, and something that enhances your appearance and personality. Never go for run of the mill fads–let’s leave them along with the last of the dwindling fireworks of 2017 and look forward to better things.

Here are the top items of the things that have got to go this 2017:

  1. Cold shoulder and off shoulder blouses– Ok, it’s been 3 years. Can we perhaps try wearing something else now? Something sleeker, simpler, less poufy, less ruffly? I’m all for femininity, but you gotta admit the Chiquita Banana look just isn’t cutting it anymore.


    Jourdan Dunn looking as ‘meh’ as her blouse

  2. Ruffle skirts– Same goes for these. Striped, gingham or plain cloth draped into these ridiculous ruffle skirts. It was fun for a while, especially when worn with a plain white T-shirt and white sneakers, but yeah we’re over these too.


    This look has got to go

  3. Tassel and over the top dangling earrings– Once again with the Caribbean feels. Fresh, tropical, colorful, and so totally dated to Summer 2017. Look around you—everyone is still wearing them (and that’s not a good thing)! Give your poor earlobes a break and switch back to real jewels, por favor.


    If I see another pair of tassel earrings I’m going to scream

  4. Super ripped jeans– Cringe cringe and triple cringe. I must admit I gave this trend a real whirl, I practically lived in my ripped-on-the-knee distressed jeans for a few months. They’re comfy and casual. But it’s time to stop pretending I’m part of Zoolander’s ‘Derelicte’ squad and start wearing my classic, dark rinse pair of skinny jeans that can go from day to night again.


    What were we thinking?

  5. Fake logo tees– Have you seen those white T-shirts with the Dolce and Gabbana logo and embroidered sequin flowers and stuff on them? Yeah?   Or the black tee with the Gucci logo and graffiti? Darling, the original ones cost over Php 20K. So unless you really have the moolah to splurge that amount of money on a trendy white T-shirt, don’t ever consider wearing the fake version. In fact, the sad part is, even if you DO have the original, it’s been copied so extensively that everyone’s going to think you bought it in some back alley in Shenzen.


    Yes I’m referring to this  shirt and other logo tees

  6. Scarf used as headband– Yes, I know we island people love to say that summer lasts forever. But uhmm… it doesn’t. And neither does the appeal of these little scarves that we’ve been tying on our heads all year. Functional and fun, but once again- very seasonal. Remember the headband trend that Blair Waldorf made popular on Gossip Girl seasons 1 and 2? And how ridiculous she looked still wearing them when she went to university? Yup, it’s exactly like that. Certain things, we must outgrow.


    Eeek!  Get that thing away!

  7. Chokers– Black leather or lace chokers were all the rage in the 90s, and along with the whole 90s comeback these past couple of years they were an interesting wardrobe addition, but that’s enough. We can’t relive the glory days of Liv Tyler and Winona Ryder any longer.


    Fun while it lasted

  8. Bomber Jackets– I did love this, especially the satin and embroidered version, but it’s just been made in every conceivable material and print that it’s become so common. I don’t think this trend will last much longer. Hang on to your jacket for a literal rainy day, but don’t count on it as a fashion statement.


    Yeah, that was a good run…

  9. Denim Overalls– Not sure I understand how this piece wormed its way back into our closets as it does not really look good on anyone.   If you actually bought one (bless your optimistic soul), keep it for wearing around the house when there’s home improvement work to do, or maybe when you’re walking your dog down the street, but nothing else.



  10. The Valentino Rockstud and the YSL Tribute- Yes, I really said that. And it does kinda hurt to utter these words, because I loved both these shoe styles so very, very much. But they’ve both had their run for yearssss, and sometimes, things we love just have to die—especially when there are horrible look-alike versions being sold in department stores and ‘tiangges’ everywhere. They’ve lost their appeal completely and make you look so basic that it won’t even matter what you wear them with. Time for a cool change, chicas.  rockstud


So that rounds out my list of the Top 10 Trends that we can’t take with us to 2018. But the memories? For sure.  Here’s to an even more amazing year, in fashion and in everything else.  Happy New Year, kikays!



High School Throwback

My high school batch in St. Theresa’s recently celebrated a milestone reunion/ anniversary—I won’t say how many years it’s been since we graduated because you will then be able to deduce my age, but suffice it to say it was a big deal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join my friends and visit our dear old campus because of other pressing commitments, but seeing everyone’s photos on Facebook made me feel sentimental all of a sudden. It all came flooding back—memories of high school friendships, notes we used to pass around in class, barkada beach trips, crushes and cheesy swoon-worthy moments, prom night drama, cheering at Intramurals and all that great stuff.   It was the best of times, when the world lay right in front of us, waiting to be explored and discovered. Those were the days when we could literally become anybody we wanted to be moving forward, when we had endless choices and countless possibilities. Then the choices started, and with every choice we took, certain doors closed, and others opened. To all my batchmates—I hope you are all happy, healthy and content. I hope you’ve all been able to squeeze the juice out of life, and continue to do so with every day we’ve been blessed with. I hope you’ve been able to make some of your most treasured dreams come true, and I hope many more wonderful surprises are waiting just around the corner for you.  Because to me, you will always be the same fresh-faced, bright eyed girls who could do anything they put their minds to.

Anyway, so being kikay as I am, while walking down memory lane I also started to remember all my favorite outfits from those days that are now making a huge comeback. Oh if only high school could last forever! Well girls– even if we can’t be sweet sixteen for life, we can at least take bits of our awesome teenage years by incorporating elements of it in our wardrobes today. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. High waist jeans and shorts- The good news here is, if you’re slim and you know it you can wear your high waist bottoms with a cropped or fitted top, while if you want to conceal certain problem areas, this trend looks great with oversize tops as well. So yes, high waisted bottoms can be universally flattering as long as you pick out the right style and size for you. Make sure the waistband isn’t too tight, or you’ll have an awful muffin top.


    Emily Ratajkowski rockin high waist jeans

  2. Mules and kitten heels– These were the definitive footwear of the late 90s and early 2000s, and are apparently all the rage again. Mules look great with either wide leg or cigarette pants, and kitten heels are especially flattering worn with knee length pencil skirts and slip dresses. And both are way more comfy than stilettos, so indulge away!

    gucci mules

    Embroidered Gucci mules

  3. Small shades– Those glamorous oversize shades you love so much have to hibernate for a while because smaller lenses are the edgy way to go– whether round or oval ones, colored or metallic ones. Cat shaped lenses are super chic as well.

    colored sunnies

    Remember these????

  4. Sling bag– Nearly every bag being sold these days have a sling attached to them, and I can’t see how we survived without them before. So pratical to keep your arms and hands free to move and scroll your phone with! Pick a ‘just right’ size that’s large enough to stuff your things in, but small enough to still be considered stylish.

    prada 2017

    Prada sling bags, I love!

  5. Heavy fringe– Let’s take a page from our European gal pals and try out a heavy fringe for once. It immediately draws attention to your eyes (so get ready to amp up the eye makeup), and somehow just adds 1000 sophistication points to your look.   What’s even more fun is if you created a sexy new persona to go with the bangs and ask yourself—what would a sassy, sophisticated version of me do today?


    Selena Gomez with full bangs

  6. Fitted top– Yes, those ribbed tops that show off every carb you consumed in the last 2 days aren’t going anywhere for now. So suck it in and enjoy. These look good with wide leg pants and A-line skirts- very Liv Tyler.

    liv tyler

    Eternal muse Liv Tyler

  7. Logo/Statement tee– You know those classic logo tees (like the Guess triangle) that were so popular back then? Yeah, they’re back. And so are statement T-shirts. If you want to look young(er), find one and wear them with millennial white sneakers.


    That unmistakable Guess triangle…

  8. Jumpers– Who knew overalls would make a comeback? And spaghetti strap or apron style dresses worn over fitted shirts? Well, I’m loving it because the look reminds me of my favorite Friends character—Rachel. Just counting the days till her famous hairstyle comes back in full force as well.


    Rachel in her element

  9. Leather sandals– Whether flat or platform style, these comfy leather sandals are having a moment, and are perfect weekend wear (as alternative to above mentioned sneakers, of course). They look great with the rest of the 90s/2000s ensemble, and are especially cute in white or camel shades.

    white sandals

    What about these??  Looks familar, eh?

  10. A line skirts– One of my favorite styles from high school are these button down A line skirts or the swirl variety. They’re flattering for pear shapes because they accentuate the waist and hide the hips, and are a bit more forgiving on the thighs as well. Just please make sure you wear boyleg underwear for this, ok?

    A line

    Alexa Chung in an A line mini

  11. Slip dresses– Kate Moss, is that you? I can’t think of anything more versatile than the spaghetti strap, knee length slip dress. Wear with a denim jacket or over a fitted tee for a more casual look, or on its own for date night. Do you remember how this looked on us back then, with hair slicked back or up in a clamp, and kitten heels?

    kate moss

    Signature Kate Moss style

  12. Denim or Varsity jacket– Perfect for the rainy weather in town these last few months. Both jackets look great with black leggings and sneakers (for a youthful, athleisure outfit), or over a dress for a campus crush throwback. Hmm, now where did I put my ex-boyfriend’s varsity jacket…


    Coach Autumn Winter Collection.  Gorge!!!


So there’s my top dozen, write me at muskwie@yahoo.com or tag me on FB or IG for your picks!


To my lovely Theresian batchmates, see you again in 5 years (and hopefully a lot more before then), and to all you 90s and Y2K babies out there, a toast to the good times.

Summer Essentials

In case you missed it, summer is in full swing and everything is burning up–it is that hot!!! School’s out, work people are on vacation mode, and the annual party called summer in the Philippines is definitely raging this year. Don’t miss out on these must-haves to keep you looking fabulous all season long:

  1. agnes b. Lunettes– This très chic French fashion brand first opened its doors in 1975, and now has more than a hundred stores all over the world. It’s known for classic apparel, accessories, watches, jewelry, and eyewear. A couple of weeks ago, the eye care center Ideal Vision launched the very first line of agnes b. eyewear made available in the Philippines, and the whole collection is delightful! The styles are timeless and elegant, whether for glasses or sunglasses, but come with a fresh twist, like colored or striped frames, mirrorized lenses, and flattering shapes—all embodying the brand’s free spirited vibe.   I think I just found a new favorite! Check them out at select Ideal Vision branches soon. Visit idealvisioncenter.com.ph. and like or follow Ideal Vision Center on Facebook and Instagram for all updates.

    FullSizeRender 464

    Fresh frames by agnes b.

  2. Tipsy Pops– I tried one of these and after that first taste I Just. Could. Not. Stop! Such an awesome idea to create these yummy alcoholic popsicles perfect for any summer bash. They come in all your favorite flavors too: Piñacolada, Kalamansi Margarita, Mango Rum, Strawberry Daiquiri, Orange Arancello, Seabreeze, Bloody Sunset, and Tropical Tequila Sunrise! You can order a party stash by emailing tipsypops2015@gmail.com, or swing by Cebu’s number one weekend market Sugbo Mercado IT Park for your fix. Check out their Facebook page at facebook.com/lickmoderately.


    You know you want this…

  3. The chic one piece– Yes, those itsy bitsy bikinis will never go out of style, but if you want to amp up the ante on the fashion front this year, go for a sexy one piece instead. Whether it’s the side cut-out variety, the lace up neckline, or the sideboob-baring type, you’ll surely sizzle like the sun. Check out styles at Cotton On, Forever 21, or the many online shops available and rock it like you mean it at the beach!


    A Cotton On one piece– bet you’ve never seen denim look this good!

  4. Metallic tattoos– Move over, henna, and don’t even get me started on those ridiculous flower crowns. The coolest body adornments to wear this season are of the metallic kind, on smooth, bronzed skin setting off resort chic dresses and lace up sandals.   The easiest way is via stick on metallic/glitter tattoos, or even better, try out metallic body paint with a friend! Now who’s a gleaming goddess?  2da069525e2b251eb6d1ad470dd58ca1
  5. Inflatables– We went crazy for them last year, and we’re definitely still crazy for them this year! Buy your giant rainbow unicorn, swan, winged horse, donut or slice of pizza and float away to summer bliss. A word of caution: it’s better to use these babies in the pool instead of the sea, it’s kinda hard to get back to shore against the current on a giant inflatable creature, unless you tie it down.


    Take your new pet unicorn to the beach!

  6. Yellow– Literally the color of summer (and Coldplay), and what a heyday it’s having right now! Make sure to add a splash of lemon yellow to your wardrobe this season, whether via a bright yellow top worn with denims or whites, or a skirt/shorts, a bag, or a pair of gorgeous yellow heels. Trust me, it’s impossible not to be happy wearing such a vibrant color, and more smiles will be headed your way.


    Loving this butter yellow top from Stradivarius

  7. Crop tops– As the temperature gets hotter, the tops grow smaller. So I hope you did all your crunches, core work and everything you possibly could to get a flat tummy (and abs, perhaps?) in time for summer…because since 90’s fashion is so back, we are seeing blouses shrink to Britney Spears 1997 levels filling up all the fashion racks. Wear with high waisted jeans/shorts, or drawstring-waist skirts.


    Tiny tops to wear on endless summer nights

So there’s my lucky seven for the summer. Now all you need is some sun, sea, sand, and an awesome Spotify playlist, and you’re all set to have the best season ever. Have fun, kikays!

2017 Trend Report

Hello fashionistas! While I am personally a big fan of classic wardrobe staples that never go out of style, let’s face it—once in a while, our closets need a bit of a boost to stay current. It’s been a while since I’ve been out shopping (life gets in the way like that), but I finally had time to browse the net for fashion updates and look around in stores, and what I found was quite surprising. The trends of today are completely different from my normal style! Was I going around looking like a certified Tita stuck in a time warp all this time?! So here’s my roundup of what’s fresh for 2017.   Get your hands on them stat, and you’ll pass for a millennial.

  1. Greenery– Let’s start with this. Pantone’s 2017 color of the year is called ‘greenery’. And no, it is not the rich forest green you would expect. It actually reminds me of a vegetable, and I am not thrilled about that, but we could all use a zing of color in our lives. Check your instagram feed- if all you’ve been wearing lately is boring, basic black, it’s time to take action. Wear this color with white, dove gray, or beige as its neutral base.  pantone-color-of-the-year-2017-greenery-15-0343
  2. Embroidery– Well what do you know? My grandmother’s embroidered items are now all the rage, cropping up on lace tops, striped polos, and even on bags, jackets and shoes! You don’t need to be all decked out in needlework to be considered stylish, so just pick one or two items for a quick wardrobe refresher. My favorites are the embroidered button down shirts at Zara, and the black lace tops and shoulder bags with embroidered flowers at Stradivarius.


    Zara embroidered shirt

  3. Matte, nude lips– As far as makeup goes, the big revolution has been in lipsticks, with hordes of women stocking up on matte, all-day-long brands like Colourpop, Kylie, and Nyx. Nude is the color of choice, ranging from the barely-there tans, to brick, to deep brown.


    Well hello there Kylie.

  4. Chokers– If you’re a child of the 90s, you would remember this trend. Well, the black chokers are back in full force baby! You can use the stretchy nylon ones that look like a lace tattoo on your neck, or a simple long black leather cord tied up stylishly. Obviously, this looks good with a V neckline or button down shirt.  choker
  5. Straight, center part hair– Time to say goodbye to sexy beach waves and take out your hair straightening iron, ladies! Part your hair in the middle a la Liv Tyler in Empire Records or Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner of today, and better suck in those cheeks or contour them well so as to create an oval shaped face.


    Mila Kunis rockin the ‘do

  6. Cropped, ribbed tops– Also taken from the 90s book, tops are getting smaller and smaller. Look for the ribbed, stretchy variety and wear with anything from pencil skirts to cropped wide pants. I am crossing my fingers you’ve been doing your ab work all this time, because it looks like this trend will be around for a while!


    Gigi or Kendall- who wore it better?

  7. Sneakers– I do not know how this happened, but somehow it has become acceptable for sneakers to be worn as actual shoes, and even be considered stylish. In fact, as a lazy bombshell, I do not understand this whole athleisure trend at all, but c’est la vie. So yes, white sneakers (first popularized by Adidas Stan Smiths), those things called Yeezys, NMDs, metallic slip-ons, Nike flyknits—you need these in your life right now.


    Adidas NMDs

  8. Colored lenses– Not contact lenses, silly. Sunglasses! The rounder, more geometric, or more colorful, the better. Never mind if it makes you look a bit like Willy Wonka, the point is they’re quirky and cute, and can add a pop of life to an otherwise dull outfit. I’m currently lusting over the Dior SoReal, which is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Awesome design.


    Want!  Need!

  9. Flare jeans– It was bound to happen. Our skinny jeans and jeggings have to be set aside, because the flare is back. Wear with one of the aforementioned tiny tops and chunky sandals, and you’re good to go.


    Ugh I hate you Miranda Kerr!!

  10. Zip up varsity jacket– The collegiate varsity jacket has generated a lot of interest in recent months, with popular brands coming up with silk, floral and embroidered varieties. You have to admit, while it again invokes the anti-glam ‘athleisure’ feel, it is both comfy and cool.   This is one trend I very much approve of.


    Another hit by Zara

  11. Shoulder bag– Whether it’s a drawstring bucket bag or a mini, a shoulder sling bag is your accessory du jour at present. Isn’t it awesome to finally have your hands free to chat with friends and boylets on Viber or Whatsapp without having to lug those dreadful oversize slouchy bags on your arm? The only other alternative is the mini backpack, like the Prada one from the 90s. I’m not sure how legit a 30 something year old would look wearing a backpack, but whatever. That’s beside the point.


    Got this at Stradivarius- what a steal!

  12. Pleats– And to round up this dainty dozen, I’m hearing my mom’s voice screeching ‘electric pleats!!!’ when she saw a pleated skirt hanging in a store. The ideal length for this is mid-calf, or palazzo style, and it looks good with (again) cropped and tiny tops. Very classy, ladylike, and polished.



Here’s to looking good all day, every day! Cheers, chicas. Till our next catch up.

Fashion in Film

I love movies and I love fashion. So when these two collide, the result to me is truly an exhilarating experience. There used to be a time (before Google and cellphones) where, as an 8 year old girl, I’d hit the pause button on the VCD just to draw the outfits of the characters, then I’d color it and describe them to my mom in great detail so that she could have the seamstress make me something similar. If that’s not an obsession, I don’t know what is! Anyway, looking back, I realize I’ve been living my life as though it’s one big movie, complete with script, costume, and soundtrack—perhaps you can think of your own iconic movies that influenced how you dressed over the years, but here’s a list of favorites (in random order):

  1. Clueless. When Alicia Silverstone and her sidekick Stacey Dash showed up to school in those plaid skirt suits, my jaw dropped in awe and envy. That set the tone for the rest of the film, including the red Azzedine Alaia minidress that she wears in the movie poster, lots of A line skirts, cardigans and knee high stockings, even their P.E. attire was the bomb! This movie totally rocked 90s fashion and some expressions like ‘Whatever’ and ‘As if’ are still used today. It’s now been 21 years since Clueless, and since 90s are all the rage, it should be time for a viewing party!

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  2. Funny Face, Roman Holiday, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. These three Audrey Hepburn films are so fashionably on point that you can wear any of the outfits today and still look stylish. In Funny Face, she wears a sophisticated pink cropped blouse with a white column skirt, and an elegant red strapless gown. In Roman Holiday, it’s the white polo and midi skirt with lace-up sandals that steals the show. In Breakfast at Tiffany’s—who could forget the classic Givenchy little black dress from the opening credits or her hot pink party dress? Just watching these movies is enough to educate women on style, timelessness, and the importance of dressing the part.
  3. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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    The Devil Wears Prada. To witness Anne Hathaway’s transformation throughout this film is so rewarding. I must have watched this more than 5 times and I still feel giddy! She went from slouchy sweaters to Chanel tweed blazers and thigh high leather boots, that classic ivory trench coat and beret, the brown belted dress, the black lace gown and red lipstick, the chunky Chanel charm necklace—heck, even all of Meryl Streep’s outfits as well as Emily Blunt’s was drool worthy from start to finish! The wardrobe room of that movie is truly my version of heaven.


    I Die!!!!

  4. Sex and the City 1 and 2. What we loved the most about the TV series, was, of course, the fashion. So of course, the expectation for the movies to deliver the same trademark fabulousness was sky high, and these two did not disappoint. Much of the first movie revolved around Carrie’s wedding, and the girls’ outfits- an incredible Vivienne Westwood number for the bride and beautiful Zac Posen gowns in black, red and blue for the bridesmaids- are just about as iconic as you can get. Then the girls go through a whole delectable fashion year together, from summer in Mexico, the fall fashion shows, and the sapphire Manolo Blahnik shoe that launched a gazillion knock-offs. In the second movie, the level of fashion fantasy goes up even higher as the foursome take on Abu Dhabi. Oh, the floaty maxidresses at the desert safari! Carrie’s Dior t-shirt and lavender ball skirt at the market! I can’t even begin to detail all the rest- suffice it to say, watch both movies and learn.SATC2


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  5. The Dressmaker. Say what? I’ve never heard of this movie until I saw it on the inflight menu on a 13-hour trip. Suffice it to say I wasn’t just pleasantly surprised when I watched it—I was floored! In the movie, Kate Winslet plays a genius designer and seamstress in the 1950s who completely transforms people into fashion plates in her hometown (located in the middle of nowhere). Such glamorous gowns and day dresses reminiscent of the screen sirens of the golden age! This is a definite must-see for all the fashion fans.

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  6. The Great Gatsby (both the 1974 and 2013 versions).   Since the story is all about the excesses of the roaring twenties and early thirties, it follows that fashion is an important element in the film. Mia Farrow of 1974 wears a slinky silver gown and chic headpiece for the bash, while in the later version, Carey Mulligan wears a glittery gold gown and a bejeweled headband. For the daytime scenes, Mia Farrow wears a pretty white lace dress and hat, while Carey Mulligan flirts with lavender ruffles. What a face-off! I can’t decide who won!

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  7. Rear Window. Grace Kelly knocks the ball out of the park in every single scene of this movie—it’s no wonder costume designer Edith Head has received a total of 8 Oscars. Plus this is a Hitchcock, so there is absolutely no excuse for not having seen it. Perhaps the most famous dresses in the movie are the black fitted V-neck bodice with full white tulle skirt, the white halter with apple green pencil skirt, and the white silk gown with a floaty chiffon shawl…it’s enough to cause massive hyperventilation whenever she appears on screen. Well, as we know, the girl snagged a real prince!

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  8. The Other Woman. This is not a classic nor is it a huge box office hit, but all of Cameron Diaz’s outfits in this movie are on point for the modern woman of today. White blazer with black cigarette pants, knee length pencil skirts, lots of chic office dresses, a lemon yellow sundress, LBDs. Nothing earth shattering, but she manages to look consistently classy, polished, and amazing. Then again, with legs like hers….

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  9. Atonement.  There is only one dress in this movie that really jumps out at you, but does it ever! It’s a vintage emerald green silk backless gown so gorgeous that you can’t focus on Keira Knightley’s face (or anything else for that matter) as she moves around in it. Recently voted on an online poll of Time magazine as the best film costume of all time, that says enough.


    That.  Green.  Dress.


Honorable Mention:  How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days  


What are your favorite outfits on film? Share them with me! Cheers to one of the joys of being a girl.